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Charlie Brown Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas

I have to adjust over the years to having a husband who isn’t big on Christmas. He has dampened the holiday for me over the years. Now, with our current living situation, I am confined even more. I feel like nobody likes Christmas around me.  If it were my decision everything would be done already.

Earlier today, there was a discussion in our house about setting up Christmas. I desperately wanted it before Thanksgiving. Another person wants the entire house dusted and carpets shampooed and and and before anything is allowed to go up. It’s hard for me because I know based on peoples schedules it won’t be done until probably Christmas day. I hate that!

My Christmas light has been snuffed greatly. I hate it. It’s not me. It’s not what makes me happy.

On my way work today, I saw our pathetic little tree in the front yard.

Charlie Brown Christmas

We live in a town that has an ordinance that requires a tree in every yard. A town that requires an inspection, a permit, and then the usage of a designated contractor to trim or cut the tree. A town that fines you for messing with the “city tree” in your yard.

Charlie Brown Christmas

So, when your tree gets sick or starts to die, it has to be replaced. The new trees start off a little meek, like the one in our yard.

Charlie Brown Christmas

As I was getting into my car, I said that’s it! I am going to have a Charlie Brown Tree then!  I looked for a good sized red ornament. (The one I found looks like it has more gold then red on it.) W hen I got home tonight, I proudly placed my single red ball on my pathetic twig of a tree in my front yard

Charlie Brown Christmas

I kid you not, no sooner did I walk in to the house and open twitter, I found out the Charlie Brown Christmas Special was going to be on ABC tonight at 8PM.

Charlie Brown Christmas

So I watched A Charlie Brown Christmas. Linus using his blanket as a snowball slingshot. Lucy at her therapy booth. Snoopy decorating his dog house. Charlie Brown being depressed. A Christmas pageant. People upset at Charlie Brown’s tree. Charlie Brown asked if anyone even knew what Christmas was all about and Linus told the story of Christmas. Snoopy won a decorating contest. Charlie Brown decides to prove his tree is good enough by putting a red ball ornament on it. His friends come to the rescue and with a little bit of love turn his tree into something majestic.

Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tales followed. It showed various Characters in different Holiday Situations. Having the Spirit of Christmas,  Writing Letters to Santa, Finding a Christmas Tree, Decorating, Sending Christmas Cards, hinting to friends what you want for Christmas, etc.

I am trying so hard to keep the holiday spirit. I have been watching Christmas movies everyday. Bart made a comment the other day that he always thought there were like 3 Christmas movies. He noticed that I have our DVR filled with tons of Christmas movies. He was shocked that there are so many out there. I am trying so hard to be in the spirit even if no one around me is.

In past years I even mailed all my Holiday cards the day before Thanksgiving. Complete with Christmas Stamps. I have been known to send 400-500 cards some years. This year, I am not planning on mailing any. Well except in response to those who have sent to me first. (so far that would be 2 people *sighs*)

I have decided instead to bless my readers with giveaways Hatchimals ending a week before Christmas and   Amazon Gift Card ending on 12/31.

charlie brown christmas

This year I am doing the Reddit Gifts Secret Sant a and Holiday Card exchanges. My Secret Santa Giftee  simply wanted a donation to Toys for Tots. I did that along with a donation to Joy Jars. But I wasn’t done yet! I found my person’s Amazon wishlist and bought them a little something from there as well.

In past years I could convince Bart to do it as well. This year he wouldn’t sign up. =( It makes me sad.

charlie brown christmas

At work, we are also doing a Secret Santa. I am not sure what I am going to get for my person yet.

I got a bottle of Tom Ford Black Orchid for my husband. I also got concert tickets for Dec 28 to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He has loved them for years and has never seen them in concert. I made sure we could both have the day off from work before buying them.

For myself I got a bottle of La Prairie Midnight Rain.

I am going to keep the fight up all month to celebrate Christmas even if it means I have to do it alone.

dedicated to the 7 year old in all of us

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