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why Dennis the Menace is the ultimate playground


Dennis the Menace Park

If Hank Ketcham had created the Dennis the Menace park first, we might have never known how much trouble he caused. We would have never met Mr. Wilson or the Mitchell Family.Dennis the Menace Park

Thankfully, he began the Dennis the Menace Comic Strip before he designed and donated the Dennis the Menace park to the city of MontereyDennis the Menace Park

The park is HUGE! The play areas are padded with grass, sand, wood chips, and spongy mats.Dennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace Park

The Dennis the Menace  park is part of the 45 acre El Estro Park Complex. It is just one block away from the Monterey Bay!

The park features statues and fun lions for water fountains.Dennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace Park

In the past, children could climb on a real locomotive. Times have changed and due to safety regulations, the train is fenced off and now only for viewing.Dennis the Menace Park

You can still skip along the train track path!Dennis the Menace Park

The park features everything a child could hope for! Swings, Slides (enclosed tunnels, squiggly, high, roller, twisty, turvy, bumpy, and regular) Spinners,  Bridges (sunburst, suspension, net, rope, bouncing, horseshoes) Climbing Nets, Rock Climbing Walls, Tunnels that feel like you are in a sewer pipe, Shipwrecks, Forts, a Maze with lookout tower. There are grass areas, sand areas, benches, picnic tables, rocks and trees to climb.

Dennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace Park Dennis the Menace ParkDennis the Menace Park

You might even find a unicorn playing in the grass.Dennis the Menace Park

The park includes the Frank E Sollecito Jr Baseball diamond.Dennis the Menace Park

The baseball park features bleachers, a concession stand, and restrooms. Rumor has it you can even get ice cream there!     Dennis the Menace Park

As long as you wear your safety gear, you can skate, board, scooter, ride, etc on the concrete park that was created by local skateboarders.  Dennis the Menace Park

There are kyaks and pedal boats to rent on the pond. The pond has it’s very own island! You can even feed ducks around the pond.     Dennis the Menace Park

The remainder of the complex includes a 1.2 mile sidewalk/walking trail with exercise course, Dog Parks for both large and small dogs, a group BBQ area, the Monterey Youth Center, a fishing pier, dance studio, zipline, and beach.Dennis the Menace Park


We want to thank the Friends of Dennis the Menace Playground for all they have given to the children.

dedicated to the 7 year old in all of us

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