Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire


Valley of Fire, Nevada State Park

On of the most scenic places I know of is Valley of Fire.

In the Spring of 2009, My husband and I went on vacation to Las Vegas and visited Valley of Fire.  It has to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.


Located 50 miles North East of Las Vegas, NV.  Valley of Fire is in the Moapa Indian Reservation.


To get to the park you must travel Valley of Fire Highway. Valley of Fire Highway is one of Nevada’s Scenic Byways. It connects Interstate 15 and Nevada State Route 169.


You must first drive about 15 miles to get to the park from the Interstate. For the longest time, you are left saying to yourself:

“The sign said to turn here.”

“I know it has to be here.”

“I’ve seen pictures, so I know it exists.”


Then when you have almost given up, and when you least expect it as you round one of the curves, you will be mesmerized. Staring at you will be the most amazing sight you have ever seen. In the middle of no where.

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Your first stop in the park should be the visitors center. Here you will find a museum, gift shop, water, restrooms, etc.


Valley of Fire is Nevada’s oldest State Park.  As such, it is also a Nevada Historical Landmark.


It should be no surprise that the United States National Park Service has named Valley of Fire a National Natural Landmark.

It really is that beautiful.


And it really is historic. There are even petroglyphs.


Did you know, Valley of Fire is Nevada’s largest State Park?


You may have seen the park on TV, Music Video’s, or Movies.

They filmed parts of Viva Las Vegas, Total Recall, and Star Trek Generations here.

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You can use a campsite or RV campsite during your stay.


Photography is big here for obvious reasons.


Some people go hiking, rock climbing, and running.


In the fall some people run the Valley of Fire 5 K, 10 K, and even half marathon. I can not even imagine the beauty and emotional experience that would be.



If you get hungry, there are picnic areas.

If you are traveling with your pet, just remember they must be on a leash no more then 6 feet long.

I hope you enjoyed my photos of the park.


Is there a scenic place you love?vof



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