Rita's Jolly Rancher Watermelon Gelati, Cotton Candy Italian Ice



I had heard of Rita’s of Castro Valley but never been there. All I knew was I got texts with their flavors and they sounded delish! I can not begin to tell you how excited I was when I heard there was one being opened in my town.

I know, I’m evil right. But, honestly the only way to know what you are missing is to actually go to a Rita’s. They began in 1984 in Philadelphia, PA.  They currently have over 600 stores nationwide.

Italian ice reminds me of sorbet and Slurpee. I would say it is wetter then a sorbet but not as wet as a Slurpee. It always comes with a free brain freeze.

A Gelati is frozen custard at the bottom, Italian ice in the middle, and topped with a dollop of frozen custard.

I get the regular size and my granddaughter gets the small size. I would normally have skipped the sprinkles, but we went after I started my blog. A 7 year old would have to have the sprinkles, so in honor of becoming 7 I now add my toppings.


My husband has an infinity for the frozen custard. It is like a soft serve ice cream, but it is creamier.

Rita’s has a pretty cool rewards program. You download the app. I was able to download and register by the time I got the the checkout. At the cash register you scan the QR code to get credit for your visit. After 8 visits, you get one free.


I like how they give back. Rita’s is a proud sponsor of Alex’s Lemonade Stand. Alexandra was a little girl with Neuroblastoma. She raised over a million dollars for pediatric cancer research before she passed at the age of 8.


I also love that Rita’s does free Italian ice on the first day of Spring. Sure it is great for everyone, but my birthday is March 21! so that means free birthday ice!!

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