Playmobil Surprise Egg

Playmobil Surprise Egg

Playmobil Surprise Egg

For those who know me, this will be no surprise. I WON!!! For those who are new to the world of ME, (because it is all about me when we are under 7) I love to enter sweepstakes and contests! I love to say I WIN! I love the surprise in opening boxes and packages.

As a child, I gravitated towards the grab bags. I am sure my parents rolled their eyes at that child who would spend her allowance on the unknown rather then choose the trusty visible candy bar or toy.

Later, as an adult, I have bought grab bags in pawn shops, I have had an interest in buying storage units, etc.  It is all about the hidden treasures.

I maybe one of the few people I know who actually love getting the mail. I can’t wait to see what I might discover, who loved me that day, etc. The bills, well they will work themselves out so onto the desk they shall go.

So, I won this Playmobil Surprise Egg from NEW AGE MAMA BLOG. I entered this with the intention of sharing it with one or more of the grand kids. I will be sneaking the egg into Grandma’s Toy Box to see if they notice it is new.

Seeing as we now all know how much I love surprises, it should be a given that I LOVE the concept of this toy! I honestly don’t think surprise eggs should only be for Easter. I think the surprise is good anytime.

The back of the box does show the content of the egg. It is not exactly a blind box or grab bag or even a surprise once you know that.   I think as a parent it is great to know what is inside so you can guide your child to choose the surprise egg they would enjoy the most. They don’t have to know you already know what is inside.

The Zookepper with Alpaca Surprise EGG which I won is labeled for ages 3-10. Playmobil does have notations on the box and on their website indicating there is a choking hazard and thus not for children under 3. When I was a young mom, I had a little choke test tube that I would put small items in to make sure they were safe. If your child still puts things in their mouth even if they are older then 3, I would pass on it. I am pretty sure all but the zoo keeper, rake, and alpaca would fit in completely in the tube.

Playmobil makes high quality durable toys for little hands. I am envisioning hours of imaginative and creative play. The pieces are nicely colored. I like that the parts are designed for little hands. Sometimes we forget that little hands need little objects to manipulate. I am a big believer in children having an animal to care for. The Zookeeper egg fulfills the need to build care giving skills.

I am in love with this toy. I can’t wait to see one of the grand kids discover it.

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