Sunday School class with a teacher reading children a story

Sunday School and Mickey D’s

I knew exactly what I was going to write about today, but then life happened. I had to ask a little girl in the back seat of my car if I needed to pull over and it is not why you think. You will have to read to the end to find out what happened.

*This post is just about the joy of Sunday School, not a particular religion*

What age is it that kids stop wanting to go to church and Sunday school?

Right now, the grand child who lives nearby loves to go church. We get into arguments about what day we go to church. Yesterday, I called to find out what they were doing and her mama told me, “Your grand daughter wants to go to church.”

The church my husband and I go to has a service Saturday evening, and then 2 Sunday morning services.  We really aren’t morning people, so Saturday it is.

Last week when we took her to church, when Sunday school let out, she was disappointed that they didn’t have the toy box to select a toy from. She is in the preschool class as she just turned 5 a few months ago.

Last night on the way to church, I asked her what her favorite part of church was. Going outside to play. (They have an outside park that they go out to part of the time.) Then she added, “and eating snacks!”


I got her settled into her Sunday school class and then I went to the adult service. As I sat down, I asked God to not have any numbers show up on the screen tonight. (There is a box that lights up with a 4 digit number if they need you to come tend to your child. It is a way to get a parent without interrupting the service.) I kid you not, last night, not once did a number pop up!

We had a different pastor preaching then I am used to. I wasn’t following him well and you could say I was antsy. I got frustrated with myself. Finally, I began asking God to change my heart.

When the sermon was over, the pastor I am more familiar with was in the baptistry. There were 4 people being baptized. He decided to do an open call for anyone who wanted to be baptized. He took away all the excuses by having change of clothes and towels ready and waiting.

Around the 8th person to be baptized, tears of joy began to roll down my cheeks. God had worked on my heart. I was also very aware that this was the first time in a long time I have felt true joy. That lack of joy after all is what eventually led to me starting this blog.

I know, you are still waiting to hear about me pulling  the car over and I didn’t forget I mentioned Mickey D’s in the title.


I picked my grand daughter up from her Sunday school class and she tells me how she is so hungry. That is when I decided we should stop at Mickey D’s on the way to meet her mom.  I don’t know if it is true or not, but she claimed she had never been in a drive thru before. She seemed truly surprised that you could have food handed to you through your window.

We got her a sausage patty, hash brown, and a happy meal toy. Because it was 8 at night, we had to be pulled forward to wait for her hash browns.

We finally get driving and I had only given her the sausage patty, because the hash browns were beyond hot. The next thing I know, I heard screaming from the back seat, followed by hot hot hot. I told her to throw it on the floor and she said it was on her leg. So I blindly reached back and pulled the sausage patty she dropped off her thigh. (She was wearing a dress and in her car seat so her thigh was pretty much uncovered.)

She wouldn’t stop crying. I turned KLOVE down and asked her if I needed to pull the car over and she said “YES!” I manage to turn right at the next corner and park the car. She tells me, I need you to kiss it, it hurts. I was like really? She was still crying so what was a grandma to do?

Here I am, in a town ranked one of the nations highest for car thefts and I am pulling over in a neighborhood I don’t know. I turned the car off, took the keys out and put them in my pocket. When I got to the back seat, she showed me where her thigh was pink and needed kissed. So Grandma lightly kissed her boo boo and was amazed how warm it was. I felt bad for her.

But finally all was good in the world.

What I learned today was, when you are 5 Joy is going to Sunday school, getting happy meal toys, and grandma’s kissing your boo boos.


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