Little Golden Books spine

Little Golden Books

Little Golden Books

Even as a young child, I knew the value of Little Golden Books! I didn’t even need to know what book it was. If I saw the gold spine with doodles, I knew it was a good book and I wanted to read it.


That is all I had to see! Those were the books I HAD TO READ!  They were just perfect. The Pokey Little Puppy, I get called that by my husband. Then there was The Little Red Hen who baked bread and taught us it was important to help each other. And who could forget, The Three Little Kittens, who lost their mittens? Incredibly they were all released in 1942.

That’s the beauty of Little Golden Books, the are timeless. They cover everything! Religion, transportation, current characters on children’s television shows, etc.

Because of that, EVERYONE has a favorite Little Golden Book. Can you guess mine?


You guessed it, Grover and There is a Monster at the end of this Book! I can still remember the first time I read it. I was scared with Grover. I didn’t want the page turned. Then the sheer joy of finding out it was just Grover. My granddaughter and I read it. She tries to turn the page and I try to stop her. It is a fun, giggling, playful introduction to reading.

As a parent and now as a grandparent, I have no doubt when I pick up a Little Golden Book that the little one I am selecting it for will want to read it again and again.

What is your favorite Little Golden Book?

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