Barbie Dentist attacked to packaging


You could say I have a love hate relationship with Barbie. Today’s Barbie was won from a Sears Shop Your Way Sweepstakes.


I remember being in a Gong Show type talent show as a child. I had my Barbie make-up styling head and I was teaching how to apply her make-up and do her hair. I heard the GONG right after I slapped it across the face because she wasn’t behaving. I remember leaving crying. I was probably under the age of 8 and I was devastated.


Growing up my sister and I had various fashion dolls. I was the one who would tear the heads off and pull off the arms and legs. I thought it was hysterical. My sister, not so much. She was more traditional in her play.


It might seem obvious, but Barbie was and still is a staple in children’s play. We are able to be anything. Barbie teaches us to dream and we can become.

I remember having a vinyl carrying case that had a spot for Barbie, a bar with hangers for her outfits, and a drawer for her accessories. Taking Barbie over to a friends house to play made for  a great day of fun.


With the recent diversification, I am a little unhappy. The new dolls with different heights and figures are not my cup of tea. Btw I am only 4’11” and I am a chunky monkey. I am not saying it as someone who is tall and lanky. I honestly do not think BARBIE gives poor body image projections to children.  I think it is a toy and children role play with it.


I think the toy companies listened to people whine for a long enough time and then were like, “Fine! here you go, now you have to buy 5 times the clothes and accessories because nothing is going to fit all of your children’s dolls.”


Like I said earlier, it has been a love hate relationship.


What memories do you have?


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