Fisher Price Chatty Phone

National Telephone Day

Who would we be without our telephones? The Fisher Price Chatty Telephone was my first phone. I remember pulling it around by it’s pull-string. My phone went everywhere. Not much has changed over the years.


Growing up our house seemed to always have these two phones. Classic Beige in a table top and wall model. In my teen years I must have lived on the phone. Talking to friend after friend for hour after hour.

You can not imagine the horror I felt the day I came home from school and saw this.


Apparently the night before, my dad had tried calling the house for 6 hours and all he got was busy signals. It was horrifying. I couldn’t believe he would do that to me. HOW RUDE! The tactic worked. However, the trick was quickly circumvented when I went to school the next day. My friends wanted to know why I didn’t call. After explaining that my dad put a lock on our phone, my friends declared they would simply call me, all I had to do was lift the receiver. No dialing required.


Next up came the time of pagers. I had a blue one very similar to the one above. As a young adult, I kept a photo of my daughter in between the pager and the belt clip. I loved the slider, it was a great place to hold small, thin items. But, I had to find a phone to find anser the person paging me. That wasn’t much fun.


I think I was all of 22 when I bought my Tandy brick. I was a head of the times. No one I knew had one. I no longer needed coins for payphones. I didn’t have to try calling collect when I didn’t have change. I would just call you on my mobile telephone and go about my business.

Since then, I have had every phone in between. I no longer have a landline. I don’t think I have had one since wifi and cable internet options entered my life.


Today, I have an iPhone 6s. I tell you not, I don’t need a computer, a phone, a camera, video camera, calculator, watch, e-reader, game console, etc.

I think what amazes me is just how far the telephone has come over my lifetime.

It is also incredible to think that toddlers are able to do as much if not more then adults on an iPhone.

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