Pillow Fights


It usually starts with someone yelling, “PILLOW FIGHT!” as they whack a clueless victim upside the head with a soft pillow.


Giggling. Whacking. Giggling. Thumping. Giggling. Falling. Giggling. Those are the sounds you hear when 7 year old kids are having a pillow fight.

Often a pillow fight would end in the children collapsing on the floor rolling around a giggling. Gasping as they try to catch their breath. Laughing so hard their bellies hurt.


Kids will always have pillow fights, it is a rite of passage. As we mature our days of roughhousing and horseplay wind down and we begin following and making more and more rules.


I literally just threw a pillow across the room at Bart where he is sitting in a chair working on his Mac. I got him in the back of his head and all he said was, “YES?” I told him he didn’t do it right it was supposed to be a pillow fight. He turned and went back to his Mac. (Never call his Mac a computer)


I might have to start looking into organized pillow fights to bring the children out in us again. Maybe, I need to go to Shut Up and Take My Money and get some pillow weapons for my next attempt.

When was the last time you were in a pillow fight? How did it end?


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