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Dial A Story

I grew up in a time when calling Dial a Story, Dial a Prayer, Calling Time and Temperature and calling for the Surf report were my ideas of entertainment. It was free and I wouldn’t get in trouble for it.

Some current Dial a Story numbers are

(202) 618-0900


(252)265-8433 (en espanol) 








A quick Google search with your area code and the words dial a story might surprise you. So pick up your phone and have a bedtime story read to you like old times.

In the 1990’s came Send a Song where you could randomly send a song to someone you know to make their day. They would answer the phone and a message and your song would play.  There were probably over 200 songs to choose from. This of course was before we had all the technology we currently have in our phones. Now, we can send a song via text, e-mail, skype, ringback, etc.  Because of these advances, there was no longer a need to pay to send a song to a friend. Unfortunately, like many other joys, Send a Song is no more. Even with all the googlefu I know, I just can’t find anything about the classic that I once used to make friends and family smile.

From 2000-2013, it was all about the Rejection Hotline. Don’t want to give someone your number, they have a number for that. Rejection Hotline had numbers all across the country and eventually branched out into other humor lines as well. I think one of the funniest was probably the Break Up Butler. The Rejection Hotline had over 200 humor lines at their peak. They recently did a relaunch with a handful of the old lines.  You can click their name in green above to visit them.

Do you remember having fun and listening to stories on the phone as a child?

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