Square Hard Boiled Eggs cut in half

Square Eggs

We have all heard the saying Squared Peg, but have you ever seen a Squared Egg? And I am almost certain every single one of us has been told, “STOP playing with your food!”


Here at becoming 7, we are all about rediscovering the joys of childhood. That being said, today we are playing with our food.



Over on Reddit I am on several Random Acts of pages. Anything from Pizza to Nail Polish, to Amazon wishlist items. Sometimes it is a random surprise and sometimes you win a contest.

Recently  on Random Acts of Amazon we had what we call a bomb, were people pitch into a pot. Winners are drawn. Then the group picks things off the winners wishlist. Amazon then ships it never revealing the winner’s address.

In the most recent bomb, I won! I received a Steeler’s terrible towel and a fantastic egg cuber.


The egg cuber is easy to assemble with only 4 parts. the main tube, the bottom plate, the top plate and the screw on top.


You simply boil your eggs.


shell your egg


press your egg


cool your egg in the fridge for 10 mintues


release your egg by unscrewing the top, and pressing up on the bottom plate


And now you have fun eggs to make everyone giggle!


I cut my eggs in a few ways because we all have someone who has to have a diagonal cut. I am thinking square deviled eggs are next.


Do you play with your food?




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