lost Sock Puppet

Lost Sock Memorial Day

It’s LOST¬†Sock Memorial Day

We have all encountered it, that DREADFUL lost sock. Lifehacker would like you to believe it is just your mind playing tricks on you over time to make you think two single socks are 2 pairs of lost socks when they are really just a pair in disguise.

Well, here at Becoming 7 we are all about rediscovering the joys of childhood. So we are celebrating Missing Sock Memorial Day.

So, now that we have decided that the understanding of “why do we have lost socks” is of absolutely no value, let’s move on.

I am not sure which came first the sock puppet

Sock Puppet

or the sock monkey

Finola Sock Moneky

I can tell you from experience though, it doesn’t matter to children. If there is an old sock, they can come up with an idea of what to do with it.

Just head over to pintrest and check out all the creative ideas.

Lost socks make great bean bags. Think of all the different colors and patterns they can be. Bean bags are the best thing to throw and toss at your older sister when she isn’t looking.

You could even make some cute little lost sock snakes.

Sock Snake

If you are old and cranky like myself, the snakes are truly multi purpose. You might make a door draft stopper, a pet chew toy, or even fill it with rice to make a nice heating pad.

The point is lost socks don’t have to be the huge frustration we often think of them as. They can be a fun item to upcycle, entertain us, and allow us to play with.

How many lost socks are in your house? What are you going to do with them?

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