Red Robin

Red Robin

RED ROBINBart and I went to Red Robin in Riverbank CA for dinner recently. They are heavily advertising a Ramen Burger. So, my question for all you 7’s out there, did either of us try it?


RED ROBIN Ramen Burger

Um That is a big fat NO! We did ask our waitress, Chelsea if anyone has ever ordered it. She told us she has had someone order it. She said that the ramen is prepared in away that it is kind of crunchy on the outside and spongey on the inside.  I am much too picky of an eater for such insanity. Hubby, who is very adventurous with food, also agreed that it was just WRONG. I will admit that I have seen favorable reviews for it.

RED ROBIN O-Ring Shorty

We started with the O-Ring Shorty. There were only the two of us and we knew that bottomless fries were coming.  I have to tell you, I absolutely love Red Robin Onion Rings. I am not sure if it is the rings itself or the campfire sauce. It might just be the combination. All I know is it is YuMMM.

RED ROBIN baseball flag

This particular Red Robin does not have the trademark Red Robin Statue. I was a little bummed, because I think it is cute. When I think of the joys of childhood, Mascots rank pretty high up there. I do love their Baseball American Flag. I am a big baseball fan. Go A’s!!!

RED ROBIN Banzai Burger

Bart had originally suggested going to Applebee’s. I suggested coming to Red Robin because I really love their teriyaki burger. I ordered the Banzai burger medium well. As you discovered in previous posts, I am a minimalist. Therefore I held the lettuce and tomato.

I can not give enough stars for how good this burger was!  I also like the season salt on the table to season your fries to your liking.


Bart made my jaw drop with his order. He ordered the BLTA Croissant but minus T and A but add extra M. OMG did he just say that he didn’t want T&A? okay my mind was in the gutter for a second. He skipped the Tomato and Avacado and had extra mayonaise. How Chelsea knew what extra M was, I will never know. Bless her heart, she even kept a straight face.

RED ROBIN balloons on sticks

I almost forgot for a moment that this blog is about becoming 7 and rediscovering the joys of childhood. Red Robin knows how to make children smile. They had a tree of red balloons on sticks. I saw waitresses giving them to children at the end of their meals. Talk about making a child smile.

Red Robin supports Alex’s Lemonade Stand to help fight childhood cancer.

Having been raised in a military family, I liked seeing this as I walked in the door:

RED ROBIN support our troops


7’s are any of you brave enough to try the Ramen Burger? Comment below.

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