Oakland Athletic’s vs Texas Rangers

Oakland Athletic’s vs. Texas Rangers

Hey 7’s did you know that the Oakland Athletic’s and Chevy has free parking Tuesdays and $5.00 Game Tickets? Just click to the green link and there is a list of dates.Oakland Athletics

7’s who have been following me, will find it no surprise that I took the A’s up on the offer. Hubby did over ride me and decide we were getting better seats. (In the MVP section)  But, the free parking,  that saved a TON!

Oakland Athletics

These were our seats. Above the Athletic’s dugout. We were in front of third base and had a great visual of home plate.

When we got to the stadium we had an issue with our tickets.  When we ordered our tickets, the map showed seats that were actually season tickets seats. The print out listed a  row 20 rows up. an Usher, Christina C.,  gave us directions to the ticket office.

As you can guess, this not so 7 anymore year old wanted to throw a tantrum.

I don’t remember the gal’s name, but she was so helpful. After a little bit of research, it was determined the ticket map showed a mirrored image. The system then gave us seats in that area but not the ones we selected.

They were very accommodating. We ended up one section over and a few rows higher. I think our seats were better afterwards. The original seats were next to the dugout at the end of the row. Where we ended up we were above the dug out and could clearly see home plate along with 3rd base.

I am not sure how it happened or why it happened. I just want to say the ticketing staff made it right. They provided incredible customer service to us, especially considering I was not happy when I saw our seats.

Oakland Athletics

The two little guys in the picture below, were trying to get on TV. They did! They also ended up on Periscope as I was periscoping BEFORE the game.

Oakland Athletics

We taped the game on the DVR. When we got home, Hubby found us in 3 places. The first was in the opening credits stuff. They panned the dugout and there we were.

Oakland Athletics

When I think back to my childhood, half the fun of going to a ball game was getting the attention of my favorite player.

Oakland Athletics

It was sweet watching the faces of the little ones as the returned from such a pre-game visits.

I was most impressed by Reddick and McBride who both took the time to make the children feel special.

Oakland Athletics

The Texas Rangers were not as impressed with Reddick. I  can not believe I got this shot! Amazingly, Reddick was not hit.

Oakland Athletics

This was Davis’ 2nd Home Run of the night. The coliseum had posted a hashtag to use on twitter. I followed the directions. The next thing I knew, My photo of Davis was on the Jumbotron along with my Twitter profile picture and username. How exciting! I still got attention at the baseball game.

You can’t go to the ballpark and not hit the concession stands. We had Diablo Dogs and Garlic Fries. The Garlic Fries were perfect as always. The Diablo Dog was a hot dog on a bun with nacho cheese sauce, bacon, and fried onions. It was DELISH! 10/10 would order it again.

 Oakland Athletics

The game started fast with a lot of strikes. Then at the bottom of the 2nd,  Oakland had two Home Run’s back to back. Finally, we had a game.

Oakland Athletics

What would a day at the sandlot be without the 7th Inning Stretch?


The game turned in to a game of cat and mouse. Who could get ahead.

Oakland Athletics

At the bottom of the 8th, it didn’t look so good. The Rangers were ahead by 1.

Oakland Athletics

The boys of summer never quit. They gave it all they had, right until the very end.

Oakland Athletics

At the bottom of the 9th The Rangers had a problem.

Texas Rangers

The Athletic’s had bases loaded. The next couple of batters had high batting averages.  It looked like their pow wow worked because it soon came down to 3 balls, 2 strikes, and 2 outs.


DAVIS hit his 3rd home run for the night or really  his 1st Grand Slam of the night!

With that one final pitch the game could have gone either way. With the crack a bat, Davis proved, the game isn’t over until the fat lady sings.


I suppose if you score the game winning grand slam, it is only fitting that you are treated to a real life game of Pie Face.


I need to add something regarding the customer service. When we were leaving after the game, Christina C ran into us again. She personally thanked us for coming and said she was happy they were able to fix our seat issue.


When was the last time you went to a game that had such an insane ending? Did you stay to see the ending or did you leave early?

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