Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon

It is National Trail Day! That means the National Parks are free today! So, come on an adventure with  me through Kings Canyon National Park.

Kings Canyon

I was itiching to go to Sequoia National Park. After doing some homework, I discovered that Kings Canyon is connected from the North. Being as we were coming from the North, it was only logical to go through both.

The photo above, I am standing in front of a large stump near large stump entrance.


Next stop was a fallen tree. It was probably 200 feet long and I have no idea how wide. I had to stand on the top step inside the tree to be able to tip toe and read the top.

Kings Canyon Kings Canyon

Gamlin Cabin belonged to the Gamblin brothers who claimed the 160 acres surrounding it. The cabin was later used as a storehouse for the U.S. Calvary who patrolled the park. Later it became the first park ranger station at Kings Canyon.

Kings Canyon Grants Tree

Can you see little ole me? I am standing in front of Grant’s Tree.  It is the 3rd largest tree in the world.

We did see some wildlife. Mostly stink bugs, giant ants, mosquitoes and this little guy


Kings Canyon

If you look just right of center there is a deer eating.


I will be posting Sequoia National Park soon.

Make sure you also check instagram for more photos.

Hope to see you on the trails!

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