Go Clean Your Room


As a child, I heard the words, “GO CLEAN YOUR ROOM!” almost every Saturday morning.

Being given the diagnosis of ADHD at the tender age of 5. I could never tell you where something was. To this day, that is often still a big problem. Good thing Bart pays attention to where I set everything down at. He insists if I would just put it in the same place every time, I wouldn’t have a problem.

The real problem lies in seeing something shinny and putting down what I am doing and immediately doing something else. There is no thought process behind it. I simply set it and forget it. Kind of like the infomercial, but in my case it isn’t always a good thing.

For 27 months, 90% of our belongings have sat in storage. While at times it sucks, at other times it is eye opening.

We don’t have kids at home anymore. We have realized over the last two years that we don’t need more then a one bedroom. We don’t have a need for all the bedroom furniture anymore. We have also seen how little of our things we miss.

Today, we packed up our winter clothes and some books and took them to our storage unit. We planned on bringing somethings back, but we couldn’t find them easily.

What do you expect with a 10×20 storage unit packed floor to ceiling, wall to wall, by someone with ADHD?

You would think that having grown up in a military family, I would know better. sighs. I guess I lacked supervision while packing things up.

I am thinking I need to mentally divide the unit into 4ths and then tackle one section a week.  I am talking get read of the garbage. Get rid of the things that will NEVER be used again. Get rid of the things that just don’t matter anymore.

Who know’s maybe when I am done, I will only need a 10×10.

I am trying to also decide do I do a garage sale? Do I sell stuff on craigslist? or e-bay? On e-bay how do I know what to charge for shipping? or do I donate as much as I can.

The ADHD part of me wants to say screw it and forget it is even there.

When is the last time you went through ALL of your things?





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