Finding Dory

Finding Dory


Finding Dory was the first movie I saw in both IMAX and 3D at the same time. The combination is absolutely magical. Within an hour drive from my home there are three theater chains that offer IMAX 3D. We went to Galaxy+Luxury Theater in Riverbank, CA.

While the pricing was steep at $18.00 a ticket, the experience was beyond worth it. I can tell you that after tonight, if it was in my budget, every movie I see would be in IMAX 3D.

In the normal luxury theater the seats are like a Lazy Boy. (Leather and fully reclining) The IMAX screen was just recently opened and this was our first time in it. Because the screen is so big, there are more seats. You would think it was more spacious, but it honestly felt like the seats were smaller. Also, while the seats did lean back, they did not fully recline like in the main theaters.

I am not going to go into a lot of detail about IMAX 3D like the difference in the glasses because technical information is easy to find on google.

Finding Dory

Having been a Navy brat, the majority of my life has been in CA, WA, and HI. The movie started with a PIXAR Short called Piper. It was an incredible beach scene involving a baby bird learning how to manage the beach and overcome her fears to find food.

The story of Piper was cute. The animation was incredible. At times Piper felt like it was live action instead of animation. I am not sure if this is because it was on IMAX in 3D or if it is that good in all formats.

Trust me, get there early enough to get snacks and not miss Piper!

Finding Dory

I read some pretty harsh reviews before seeing the movie. We had already paid for IMAX 3D and I wasn’t sure I even wanted to see it after the reviews I read.


How can you resist these guys pleading and cuddling?

The movie had us laughing over and over again.

The movie had bullies, hero’s, friends, family, overcoming obstacles, and so much more.

Again, the IMAX 3D was magical. It felt like you were in the water with the characters.

Finding Dory

If you watched my video above, you know what I am going to end with. John Hughes taught you a lesson with Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. You don’t leave until the house lights come up.

Until you see the two images below on the screen, don’t leave. You will regret it! Then when you hear people talking about the stuff after the movie, and after the credits, and after the stuff after that, you are going to want to pay to see it again.
Finding Dory

The theater we saw Finding Dory in had 13 rows of up to 28 seats each. When all the extras at the end were done and the two images above appeared, there was only one other couple still in the theater. Come on guys, we just payed $18 a person to see this in IMAX 3D and you left before it was over?

Don’t be that guy!!!

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Have you seen Finding Dory yet? Did you see the stuff at the very end? Don’t tell what it was! Let’s keep it our little secret!

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