star trek

star trek

Comic Con plus Star Trek = Giveaway

Hi 7’s! Most of you are aware that July 21-24  is Comic Con! The largest of which is in San Diego, CA. Unfortunately, I do not have tickets to giveaway. Boo Hiss Boo Hiss.

I am hoping to attend the Modesto Con July 9 and 10th. Modesto Con is a pop culture convention similar to Comic Con.

Comic Con and similar events bring together fans of various pop culture hits. People dress up in cosplay. There are guest speaker panels. You might even score an autograph or two during a meet and greet. Most importantly it is a meeting of dedicated fans who celebrate their passions.

star trek

After Anton‘s accident in June, most of you are also aware that Star Trek Beyond is set to release on July 22.

While I am not personally a Trekkie, both my husband and my sister are. So in honor of Comic Con and Star Trek, I present to you the Becoming 7 July Giveaway!

KRE-O Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise. Kre-O is made by Hasbro but is very similar to Lego. The building set I am giving away comes with 5 mini figures. The top of the ship is removable and opens up to the bridge.


Explore the final frontier with the crew of the U.S.S. ENTERPRISE, the iconic ship from the STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS movie.  Inspired by the ship featured in the film, the KRE-O STAR TREK U.S.S. ENTERPRISE is 18-inches long and is the first KRE-O set that actually lights up featuring LIGHTTECH! Explore the bridge interior play area, glowing warp engines, and launch a projectile from a lighted photon torpedo.  Kids and fans alike will be excited to join KREON figures of CAPTAIN KIRK, SPOCK, and DR. MCCOY on the bridge to defend against  two villain KREON figures.  Set includes 432 pieces and five KREON figures.  Requires three AAA Alkaline batteries. Batteries not included. – See more at:



becoming 7 Star Trek



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  1. All the posts were really enjoyable, the oragnised sports was very interesting and children should be taught that not everyone wins and you should be pleased for the person who did win

  2. Star Trek brings back so many memories growing up. My sister and I used to pretend there were 2 Captain Kirk’s so we each had a boyfriend.

  3. I am not a very big Trekie neither but my hubby and sons are. They love it and cant wait for the movie to be released.

  4. I like how you make all your posts come to life! Whether personal stories/adventures, toy reviews..You make them fun for the reader!

  5. I enjoyed reading about the free slurpees which I missed by a day and the info on the lootcrate looks pretty interesting too.

  6. I liked the Slurpee post…it’s hard to believe that in the day that we live, we still can actually get free goodies and things now and then. 😉

  7. I enjoyed reading your The Secret Life of Pets post. And I agree with the trend some ways, it’s even more special when you can enjoy a day/night out with friends and family, and it be virtually free! I’m with you on that! Oh, and mentioned going to the Regal Theater in Modesto? ..if it’s Modesto, CA…then you are practically my neighbor. As I reside in Stockton, CA. lol Anyways, It’s great to hear you enjoyed your outing and movie. We have yet to see The Secret Life of Pets..we want to take our 3 year old grandson to see it.

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  14. I really like these posts!! The name is perfect for them; Becoming 7. It’s always easy to forget the fun inside of us with work every day, and these posts remind us of the child that is still inside! 🙂

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    I have not had a tootsie pop in 40 years, brings back good memories

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    It was great to hear that the couple was okay, and that you and your husband came to their aid.

  20. I love this so would my boys I always watched with my dad as a kid. I like how fun your posts are and it really does bring back fun memories for me

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