UFO’s are Invading

7’s in case you missed the breaking news on CNN, UFO’s have invaded on July 2, 2016. I repeat UFO’s have invaded.


Here is a list of things to know and to have on hand to survive the Alien and UFO Invasion:

RULE NUMBER 1: YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN! Trust nobody, not even the child you gave birth to. That child, whom you think you love, may be the result of your prior Alien abduction and medical probing.


RULE NUMBER 2: This is not FLIGHT of the NAVIGATOR. Do not, I repeat, Do not let the flying saucer scan your brain. Your brain is not filled with star charts. Remember that even though we are becoming 7 and love star charts, these are not the star charts the UFO speaks of.

is not


RULE NUMBER 3: The strange guy down the street who talks to invisible people is your new best friend. While you and I have been staring at our phones, we have been oblivious to the small changes. He has witnessed it all.


RULE NUMBER 4: Aliens have thousands of super powers. You must always remain calm, The devils advocate who drives you crazy needs to be on your team. He is going to know everything that can possibly can go wrong so you can have adequate back up plans.


RULE NUMBER 5: download THIS song because Aliens are repelled by it.

Finally sit back and laugh because it is WORLD UFO DAY

3 thoughts on “UFO’s are INVADING”

  1. Hahaha–almost all the kids in my family are blond-haired and blue-eyed—my Hubz calls us Children of the Damned 🙂
    And, BTW, I pretty much live every day half expecting some kind of alien invasion…or zombie apocalypse. As the mom of Children of the Damned, I am beyond surprise 😀

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