Sophia (shih tzu)

fireworks pet safety

fireworks pet safety

Almost all 7’s  love the 4th of July, parades, picnics, fireworks, etc. Did you know your puppy does not? As much as you love your puppy and as much as you want to sure the party with your puppy, it is not a happy or safe time for your puppy.

Charlie (Bichon Frise)

Below are some simple tips to keep your puppy safe:


Be able to identify your puppy if he gets lost. Do you have recent photos? Is your puppy chipped? Is your puppy wearing a collar and a name tag? While it seems like something you won’t have to think about.  The 5th of July is the busiest day of the year at your local animal shelter. Not only is your puppy in doggy jail, he has scary roommates. There are scary people who aren’t his people. The most scary part though is there is limited room. Because we are becoming 7 we don’t always know what that means. Just keep in mind that they have to find their owner, get a new owner, or a count down starts at most shelters. Being prepared makes it a lot easier for the workers to reunite you and your beloved puppy.

Both the ASPCA and Finding Rover have apps  you can download to help locate your pet. You can also find a pet amber alert system via Google.

Lucky Louie the cat on the sidewalk

Do not let your puppy eat, drink or have easy access to:

People food

Glow sticks or jewelry

kabob sticks and sparklers


Matches, lighters, lighter fluid, open fires, fire pits, bbq’s

Sunscreen not designed for animals

Insect repellent not designed for animals

Products containing citronella

Charlie (Bichon Frise) and TuTu the cat

Also, keep your puppy inside the house

Check your fence for escape routes

Put your puppy on a leash when you take them out to potty

Do not tie your puppy up outside during fireworks

Exercise your puppy earlier in the day

Consider locking your puppy in an escape proof room or crate after removing any sharp objects

Give your puppy extra blankets to hide in

Locking your puppy in your car can be fatal

Your puppy does not love crowds

Your puppy is easily scared by loud noises and flashes of light

Keep the television or radio on for background noise

Fireworks can cause burns, trauma, and contain chemicals and minerals that are toxic to animals

Keep your windows and curtains closed

Keep a light on

Spray the house with a dog calming pheromone

Make a tundercoat wrap

Make sure your puppy has toys and treats to keep him busy

Talk to your vet about a sedative

Lilly the cat


July 5th check your yard for firework debris

Have a back-up plan

Know where to go if your puppy is injured

Know the animal poison control number (800) 213-6680

Know the locations of your local animal shelters (You may have to go several times before locating your puppy.)

Know where to post ads for missing puppies.

Sophia (shih tzu)

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  1. So important! We were out of town the early part of the holiday but back home on Sunday and Monday (the 4th)—our cats were frightened. They either hid out in their hidey spot or stayed directly under foot wanting to be held.

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