The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets

Tonight we went out to dinner at Fuddruckers with my in-laws. Afterwards, Bart and I went to the Regal Theater in Modesto to see The Secret Life of Pets in RealD 3D. We went to Regal because we had 2 gift cards and a coupon so it was FREE!!! do you see a trend here?

The trailers show you a lot of the funny scenes. However,¬†we really didn’t have any clue as to the plot of the movie before seeing it.

I am going to stop here and tell you that I have been sick the last several days. I spent the last 3 days playing the itchy scratchy show due to hives of an unknown orgin. Earlier today, I went to the DR and was given a shot of a steroid and then put on some oral medications. While the itchy scratchy show had ended, my body feels like it was run over by a train. Everywhere I had hives now hurts.


Now remember, I just had a steroid shot about 8 hours before and they say it can make you agitated, so you need to take this with a grain of salt.

Before the movie is a Minions short. The Minions are watching an infomercial and want to buy the item. They have to raise enough money to get the item. The Minions not only entertained us but the residents at the senior citizens home.

The Secret Life of Pets movie starts with a series of vignettes of the various pets in their homes. I honestly found it annoying. They would just jump all over the place. For me, it felt like they were making it so they could insert commercials on tv every 2 seconds.

The story is about Max and Duke. Max’s owner adopts a second dog, Duke. They obviously are not happy about it. Max tries to get rid of Duke. Over the course of the movie they get lost, get caught by the dog catcher, escape, get caught again, and finally Max saves Duke’s life. In the end they are back home and have decided that there is enough room for both of them.


I would notice everyone around me laughing and I just wouldn’t get it. Maybe it is because I am not feeling well. I did think, I am not being very 7 right now.

I actually went to sleep. At one point, Bart woke me up and asked if I was asleep. Sorry. I am just feeling run over and worn out from the past few days.

This is another one of those films that if you leave before the credits, you left too soon. They initially show the names of the various voice actors. They then have another scene to the movie. Finally the full credits roll. Once again, we were the only ones left in the theater when the lights came on. I will tell you a million times, DON’T be that person.

The claw machine in the lobby was filled with characters from the movie and had a nice backdrop inside.

Bart says he would like to see it again. I am thinking once I feel better, I will give it a second chance.

Bart said of the 86 minutes of film he probably laughed 45 minutes.

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