Free Slurpee Day

Free Slurpee Day!!!


Every year on July 11th, 7-11 celebrates 7-11 day by giving out free Slurpee’s! This year is also the Fifty year anniversary of the Slurpee.

Tomorrow, Monday, July 11th, you can receive a free small Slurpee from your local 7-11. The offer is valid from 11 am to 7 pm. From what I’ve read, they will have a new birthday cake flavor.


In Reno, Bart and I lived 2 blocks from a 7-11. We were addicted to Slurpees. We would joke about what type of drug the must put in them. It was to the point that we referred to them as crack. Hey do you want to stop and pick up some crack on the way home? Again, not drugs, just a Slurpee.

We seem to have broken the Slurpee addiction over the last 2 years. The 7 year old in me however can not resist Free Slurpee Day!!!

A few years ago, 7-11 did a Slurpee Dance Party

This year 7-11 is doing Slurpee Week!

Between the 12th and 18th, if you buy 7 Slurpee’s and use the app, You will be credited with 11 Free Slurpee’s! Thank Heaven that 7-11 isn’t just 2 blocks away from my current house.


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