wet head

Wet Head


Last Christmas, I managed to get my granddaughter Pie Face. She went crazy. I recently stumbled upon Wet Head and I thought oh yeah!

wet head

I found out she had been asking for it but mom had told her no because mom did not want to get soaked. After discussing it with mom, I ordered it from Amazon to add to Grandma’s Toy Box.

I let my grand daughter know I was getting it and we had many giggles.

Today, she was over We had a fun filled day.  First we assembled Wet Head and played.

I had read some reviews that in the bottom of the water tank there is a little plug that if it isn’t closed, the water will just come out. I made sure it was closed tight.

What I didn’t check was how well my granddaughter put the sticks in. They need to be really in. It will make a snap sound and won’t go anymore.

The first time we filled it, we went in the kitchen to get water. She said she wanted warm water so I started running water in the sink. I then sent her back outside. Evil grandma turned the water off and got ice water out of the fridge.

Ice water when you least expect it is shocking to the system.

We refilled it with warm water and played some more. Grandma got soaked and said a naughty word.

We played for a while. Then she swam in the hot tub.

wet head

We planted a miniature basil plant from Bertolli.

We played POKEMON GO. She has been playing it on her iPad and I on my iPhone 6. She is on level 2. I showed her how to use the incense to attract more Pokemon.  We leveled me up to level 9.

wet head

We hit up The Ice Cream Company.

wet head

Next we went to McDonalds. She had 6 chicken nuggets and a hash brown. Fries were not acceptable. She also got a toy. She has collected many of the PETS toys. She was surprised to get Gidget who she had not found before.

We ended the day coloring in a Lisa Frank Coloring Book while watching Wallykazam on Nick Jr.

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