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Star Trek D-box

Star Trek D-Box

I had heard of D-box previously but I didn’t really know what it was. Something told me to look into it before I saw Star Trek.  If you like the Star Tours ride at Disneyland, you will like D-box. D-box involves your seat moving with the movie. You can increase, decrease or turn off the motion of your chair.

I ultimately decided that Star Trek would be the type of movie that would probably be good for D-box.  I went to the Galaxy Luxury Theater in Riverbank.  I ended up going alone because one of Bart’s friends were in town and they had gone out.

My night did not start out very well. I had bought a nachos and a large Drink. I upgraded to the Star Trek cup for free because I have a loyalty card. The young man offered a tray and I thought that was a good idea. I was wrong. The D-box row does not have the trays that the other rows have. I am sure this is because of the motion action of the chairs. I tried to remove my oversized cup from the carrying tray and my nachos went flying. GRRRR. I was going to put my drink into the cup holder, but the special Star Trek cups don’t fit. I got up to go tell the ticket person what happened. Then my cup slipped out of my hand and there was also soda everywhere. At this point I thought my night was ruined. There was still 10 minutes until the movie started. A young lady came up and cleaned my disaster. She told me that if I went back to the concession stand and told them what happened, they would replace it.  I can honestly tell you that this really improved my mood.

star trek

I will remind you all about my giveaway post where I mentioned I am not a Trekkie. (You can enter until July 31,2016.) The beginning of the movie was hard for me to get into. However, the fast paced action and the movement of the chairs made me not care. I was having fun! I noticed I had a huge smile on my face.  Somewhere in the incredible motion experience, I began to follow the story line and I actually enjoyed the movie.  Before it was over, I noticed Simon Pegg in the movie. I was like wow.

If I had seen the movie in any other format, I am not sure I would have stayed.  I did like Star Trek  once I got the story line. I just would have been so frustrated by the sci-fi that I probably would have left. Those chairs and the motion made all the difference. I had wondered what it would be like on the 3D IMAX screen down the hall. I think for myself, this was the best choice. I also now think any action movies I watch that are available on D-box will be watched in D-box. I am hoping the new Jason Bourne movie will have a D-box option. I also think the Fast and Furious movies would be incredible on D-Box.

Okay, back to Star Trek. The crew thinks something is jamming their signal. Then it becomes clear that they are under attack. The enterprise is severely damaged. Some of the crew escapes in escape pods while the remainder are caught and held captive by Krall.

The next part of the movie involves the various team members trying to find each other so they can escape. They meet Jaylah who takes them to an old star fleet ship.  As they find the other crew members they begin to repair the old ship.

They then try to find the Enterprise and the remainder of the crew. Spock asks if the old ship they found can sense radioactive materials. It can. It then comes out that he gave Uhura a necklace with a mineral from the place Vulcans come from. At this point the Captain says, you gave your girl friend a tracker?

With Jaylah’s help they are able to free the crew. Krall has a plan B and is going to destroy a colony. The crew discover Krall was the captain of the old ship they are now using. They review his captain logs. They then go after him and save the colony.

The colony they saved helps rebuild the Enterprise. I found this funny as they showed it being assembled and it made me think of the building kit I am giving away. Have you entered?

There were a few other minor story lines…

It was the Captain’s birthday and he didn’t want anyone to know. He doesn’t celebrate it because his dad died on his birthday. At the end of the movie he is taken into a room where there is a party and everyone yells happy birthday.

Captain had asked to be assigned to a different post. He suggested Spock be made the next Captain.  At the end of the movie he was offered the post but decided to stay with his crew.

Scotty had also asked to be reassigned. He never had the chance to tell the Captain. By the end of the movie, he too decided to stay.

Finally, Scotty was informed that Admiral Scotty had passed away.

It was a good story. It was fast paced. The action was great.

Something else I really enjoyed was at the beginning of the credits they said in memory of Leonard Nimoy . The next screen surprised me. I know the movies are done digital now but it didn’t occur to me that they could make changes up to the day they release the film. The next page said For Anton.  Anton Yelchin passed away only 32 days before I saw the movie so it was a very thoughtful statement from the studio.

I left very impressed. Impressed by the kindness of the theater with my fiasco before the movie. Impressed by the D-box experience. Impressed by the story that I didn’t go into with high hopes. Impressed with the acknowledgement of cast members who are no longer with us.

I really can’t give Star Trek enough stars.


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