Hit and Run

Hit and Run

I had a couple of fun posts planned but this post needs to take priority. Last night Bart and I were in San Francisco after a fun day at Santa Cruz. We were playing tourist. We had been up at Coit Tower, down Lombard street (shhhhh the signs say not after 10 PM, we were naughty) and then we were heading for Twin Peaks.

We were driving down Van Ness.  Then there was a terrible sound. There was a crash behind us. Bart flipped a U-turn in time to see the other car coming down Van Ness the wrong way. They guy stopped looked around and then turned left on McAllister.

We had to make a quick decision, do we chase the guy or do we go looking for the victims. We went looking for the victims. We have both taken American Heart Association First Aid and Basic Life Support or CPR classes. We put the value of someones life above the value of chasing down a thug and having unknown consequences.

We drove up a few blocks because we were not entirely sure where it happened and then turned around and came down looking for the scene.

Right before McAllister, we found it. We pulled over and there was an older couple. I am thinking they were Chinese, but I could be mistaken. The lady works 3 jobs to make ends meet. She works as a care giver, and then at the hospital as a housekeeper, and finally she does janitorial for someone else. Her husband was driving.

They were driving down Van Ness. When the light turned green they preceded to go. The other car, a black either honda or acura or the like speed through the intersection when they had a red light. Where the couple we met hit him and his car created a pit maneuver sending him down Van Ness on the wrong side of the meridian.

The couple was uninjured and we did ask both repeatedly. The front of the car was destroyed. The lady was visibly shaken and I gave her a big hug and just held on to her until she didn’t need to be hugged anymore. The husband and Bart talked.

A police car drove by we all waved it down. The guys took info on what the car looked like and took off looking for it. They never came back.

We convinced the couple that they needed to take pictures of the car right then and there. Not have it towed and then photograph it, etc.

Eventually their son arrived to assist them. The original police never returned so the Son, husband, and Bart made a call to the police and they made a police report.

We gave them a couple of my Becoming7 business cards. One for them, one for the police, one for their insurance agent, etc. We eventually went on our way as discussions of having the son transport the parents and having the insurance company tow the car began.

Bart was able to give a description of the other car and the driver because he had flipped around and was staring at the person head on.

Me not so much. My head is always in my phone when I am the passenger. I was busy clicking all the pokestops as we drove Van Ness (and there were hundreds). When the sound of the crash happened behind me, the phone was put away and I was more worried about a couple we had never met then I was about collecting pokeballs to try and capture an exotic water based pokemon available only near the ocean.

Their son also convinced them they needed to call their insurance before the car was moved.

So, what do you do when you are involved in hit and run?

State Farm recommends 

DO get as much information about the driver, car and accident as possible, including:

  • License plate number
  • The other vehicle’s make, model and color
  • Description of damage to the other vehicle
  • Which direction the other vehicle was headed
  • Photos of the damage to your vehicle
  • Location, time and cause of the accident

DON’T follow the fleeing driver. Leaving the scene of the accident could put you in a compromising position: You’ll miss getting eyewitness accounts — and police could question who’s really at fault.

DO ask witnesses if they can supply additional information about the accident. If they give you or the police a statement, be sure to get their names and contact information. Witness information can be especially helpful if the hit and run occurred when you were not with your vehicle. Get more information about how to handle parking lot accidents.

DON’T wait to call the police or your insurance company to file a police report or an accident claim. The official accident report will help police look for the missing driver and will be useful when you file your accident claim.



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