Life’s a Beach

Life’s a Beach

Our area of California has been having a HEATWAVE for at least a week.  After several days of temps around 110, Bart and I decided it was time to hit the beach. Santa Cruz was in the 70’s. Talk about a major difference in temps.

santa cruz

Because we just woke up and said let’s go to the beach, we didn’t do much planning. We stopped at the Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz. We have visited in the past and had a lot of fun with the gravitational and optical illusions.

santa cruz

Because we just showed up, the soonest tour opening was 4 hours later. They have added a hiking trail in the area to occupy your time.  We decided that we would continue on towards the beach. Next time, we will plan ahead and reserve a spot so we don’t have to wait.

santa cruz

We knew about the fire down near Monterey. On the news they had been talking about the smoke being visible all the way up to San Francisco. In the photo above, between the water and they sky, there is a dark grey section that looks like a giant wave. It is actually the smoke from the fire.

I want to add that as soon as we got out of our car, Bart needed his inhaler.  Also, when we woke up the next day, we both had sore throats.


I did a previous post about the Santa Cruz Boardwalk you can read it here.  That being said, I am not going to bore you with the details of the rides, foods, etc.


I have been playing Pokemon Go lately. I had downloaded INGRESS a day or two before we went. I checked the intel map and found the boardwalk and the pier were hot with pokestops and gyms.

Bart decided to join in the phone. He downloaded Pokemon Go while we were at the boardwalk. By the time we got home that night he was already at level 9. He did not buy any coins.

The maps on INGRESS really help that much.


We had fun watching this family play in the sand. I talked to the mom a little bit. I remembered being a child and trying to bury each other in the sand. The fun of trying to bury someone or keep from getting buried. Then when he got up, I had flashbacks of all the places the sand ends up when you get buried in the sand. It was fun to watch and remember the fun of playing in the sand at the beach as a small child.  BTW he was laughing so hard the entire time.


From the Boardwalk, we walked the Wharf. It was interesting that in Santa Cruz cars can drive them. We visited various shops. There were probably 15 pokestops just on the one wharf next to the boardwalk.

santa cruz

We ate at Woodies Cafe on the Wharf. I had the Hawaiian Burger with fries. Bart had the Blues Burger with fries and clam chowder.

Bart said his clam chowder was the creaminess of almost a milk cream yet the thickness of dare he even say it a lard.  He also said it had very good flavor not too much thyme or clam but just enough. Not too fishy, not too spicy, just perfect.

I loved my burger. I love teriyaki anything. My mom having been raised in Hawaii would have thrown a fit. Throwing pineapple on something doesn’t make it Hawaiian is what she would be saying.


I decided to play with my food. I can’t tell you the last time I did an orange smile.


After we tired of Santa Cruz, we headed up to San Francisco. We knew of areas that were high density pokestops from the Ingress maps.

We hit Coit Tower, Lombard Street, and Twin Peaks. The smoke from Monterey was very visible in San Francisco as well. Besides the Hit and Run I mentioned in my last post it was an uneventful night.

It was funny, by the time we headed home we needed the heater on in the car.  When we pulled up to the house, the a/c was on in the car.

It is amazing when a 2 hour drive lowers the temp 40 degrees.

I hope you are all staying cool out there.

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