Jason Bourne and Giveaway

Jason Bourne

Bart decided to  pick the movie we saw this week. We ended up seeing Jason Bourne in a D-Box Theater at the Galaxy theater in Riverbank. 


I had seen Star Trek on D-Box alone. I was telling him how incredible it was. He decided he wanted to try it out.

As for the D-Box, I was not as impressed with it in Jason Bourne as I was with Star Trek.  There wasn’t as much motion. Most of the motion was fight related. The only part that was really enjoyable with the D-Box was the car chase in Vegas.

Bart and I both like the D-Box effect.  Bart is thinking it is uses something similar to an electronic transducer. We both agreed that with the right movie, the D-Box will be awesome. We are thinking Fast and Furious, Star Wars, etc where there is more motion rather then intermittent fighting.


The movie was enjoyable.

Heather Lee is introduced as the niave new CIA communications employee who has her eyes opened as the the goings on of the agency.


The CIA is blackmailing or coercing  a social media company who claims they are not under any surveillance to create a back door. The CIA wants to have complete knowledge of everyone’s every thought and movement.

Jason finds out his own dad recruited him. He also learns it was not terrorist who killed his dad.


Nicky Parsons dies. The Asset dies. CIA Director Robert Dewey dies. Craig Jeffers dies.

I honestly thought it was going to be the end of the franchise at one point as it wrapped up all sorts of loose ends and old story lines.

Then they had a scene at the end which leads to the possibility of another Bourne movie.

A quick peek at IMDB and Matt Damon’s profile however does not indicate there is one in the works at this time.

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92 thoughts on “Jason Bourne and Giveaway”

  1. I have experience IMAX regular but not 3D. I’ve not experience 4K and don’t even know what D-box is! hahaha The only one I have experienced truly out of this list is 3D and I don’t really like it. I get motion sickness easily and I don’t like to be scared, so 3D is really wasted on me. As for my fav movie out of the ones you have reviewed, that would be “FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF.” Love this one and have watched it over and over my whole adult life.

  2. I have only experienced regular imax (though I don’t think of imax as “regular” Love it!) But my son has been talking to ma about the 4K–I think I would really like it.

  3. I love the Imax 3d,am getting ready to see Suicide Squad in it tomorrow. Much better then just regular movie viewing.

  4. I don’t know what D Box is but I saw Warcraft in Imax and it was amazing. I didn’t really like the movie but the Imax format was astounding and it was the first experience with Imax I had

    1. D-box involves motion activate chairs. The movie is coded so the chairs know when and how to move. With Star Trek it felt like a lot of flying. With Bourne it was mostly jerking with the fighting. The car chase was cool though.

  5. I’m truly not the greatest fan of 3d. there are times when its great but then for other movies (Mad Max and Inside Out some to mind) the effect is negligible to the enjoyment. But I’ll take IMAX most any time its available.

  6. I liked your Finding Dory review! I have experienced IMAX and would love to try the others. it was a great experience and worth the money

  7. I’ve never seen a movie in IMAX. My 7 year old insists on seeing everything possible in 3D, which I don’t mind but it’s not really my preference.

  8. I was just looking at your article on the D-box (Star Trek D-box)- that sounds AWESOME! I didn’t even know that existed! Sadly, the nearest theater to me is a good 250 miles away, but maybe we will have to take a weekend getaway to try it out 🙂

  9. I enjoyed your humorous review of Angry Birds. Too bad you did not get to see the whole movie!
    I love IMAX 3D. Watching Star Wars: The Force Awakens on that screen was absolutely amazing!

  10. I have experienced 3D and totally love it! I always try to watch in 3D whenever given the chance 🙂 Would lovee to experience the others as well!

  11. Love your giveaway. I have been to an IMAX but not for a movie. I believe movies are better in the standard form. All the special effects take away from the movie.

  12. I haven’t been to an IMAX since I was younger. I liked the Finding Dory and am looking forward to seeing it.

  13. Your post on Finding Dory. Some movies are Great on 3D and others are not worth the price. Have not done a D-Box, but would like to try it out. IMax is great for some movies but not all.

  14. After reading about Suicide Squad I want to see it. I only have access to 3D theaters so if it’s still available in my area I’m going to go see it.

  15. My favorite post is the ATMOS SUICIDE SQUAD. I haven’t experienced those, but I’ve been wanting to see a movie in IMAX and hopefully one day I will.

  16. I’ve been to IMAX a couple times but haven’t seen 3D there yet. I imagine it’s intense since the screen is already so huge.

  17. I have experience 3D before wow what a difference it make like 3 Dim. like you cna reach out touch them so real. I love movies on the big screen just the ticket price unreal to see them thou .

  18. I did go see finding dory but not in any 3d or imax, just regular view, Wish I had though, everyone tells me its so much better..

  19. I liked you Ghostbusters review and thank you for the heads up about not leaving the movie as soon as the credits roll. I’ve seen some movies in 3D and mostly enjoyed them.

  20. I loved your Pete’s Dragon review – especially your comment that “As an adult, I did enjoy the movie. Maybe it was because Robert Redford was on the screen.”
    Love 3D, never seen 4D.

  21. I haven’t seen any of those different types of movie experience. I went to a 3D movie once and got a bad headache and haven’t tried again.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  22. Liked your Pete’s Dragon review because I was debating taking my kids. I think I’ll hold off. I’ve only been to IMAX 3D and it’s just not my thing. I prefer regular old format.

  23. Unfortunately, I have not had the chance to experience IMAX 3D, 4K 3D or D-box yet. I would really like to able to experience all 3 in the future, though, especially 4K 3D. Thanks for the fantastic opportunity to win!

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