suicide squad

Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

I was not planning to see Suicide Squad. I don’t follow DC or Marvel or any other superhero type comic. I actually wanted to go see Nine Lives. Hubby watched the trailer for Nine Lives and said NOPE.

I really just wanted to get out of the house. I suggested Suicide Squad. Up until tonight neither of us really had an interest in seeing it.

When I was looking at trailers tonight, I thought wow, it might have an awesome sound track. I suggested we see it in the DFX ATMOS theater. We haven’t been in one yet and it is supposed to be superior sound.

After Bart watched the trailers, he said I think this would be good on IMAX in 3D.  I think it started as a compromise from both of us.  Our local IMAX is at the Galaxy Theater in Riverbank.

suicide squad

I went in with an okay attitude but not necessarily thrilled. I was not very happy when I walked into the theater lobby and was greeted by a table set up to sell t-shirts. I thought it was kind of tacky. Bart says the table with shirts didn’t bother him. He compared it to selling shirts at a concert.

We got a large popcorn, a coke, and tried out the milkshake thing. The milkshake involves you picking a flavor. They give you a cup. You remove the lid. Place the cup on the holder. Press the setting for how thick you want your milkshake. The machine blends it with milk and drops it back down. It was pretty good. I drank all of it and then Bart  leaned over and asked if there was any left because he wanted more. The shake company also has a reward program you text freal to 811811.

One of the things I forgot was I don’t like the chairs in the IMAX as well. I do like them leaning back, but I really have learned to enjoy having my feet up. The IMAX theater just isn’t equipped for that.


I had a hard time the first 30 minutes of the movie. In fact, I checked my fitbit to see how long it had been. They spent that long setting up the profiles of each of the characters. I would have probably like to have seen them in action instead of CIA type profile reports on each of them.

But, and this is a BIG BUT once they got past the little profiles the movie was incredible.  The graphics were amazing. The 3D was amazing. The sound was amazing.  The story line was enjoyable.

I think one of my favorite parts was when a guard tells another guard if he gets killed, to please clean his browser history.


suicide squad

In the end, WE REALLY LOVED THE MOVIE! We were talking about how the DFX ATMOS might be incredible for sound. Bart wants to see it in the DFX ATMOS like tomorrow. I am scared that because I saw in on IMAX in 3D I won’t like it as much.

This is really saying a lot. Bart and I have never seen the same movie in the theater two times. I would say the odds are in favor of this movie being the first for us.

In the process of writing this, I stumbled upon Auro 11.1 as well.

Bart has always been a sound guy. He is thinking the Auro 11.1 might even top the DFX Atmos. We would have to make a trip to the Bay area to see or hear an Auro 11.1 theater.

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