Atmos Suicide Squad

Atmos Suicide Squad

suicide squad

Yesterday, I posted about seeing Suicide Squad on IMAX in 3D. (you can read that post here.) I mentioned that Bart and I were wondering what it would be like in a DFX ATMOS theater.

We went back to the Galaxy theater in Riverbank.

Tonight, there was no one selling shirts in the lobby. Part of me was glad and part of me was like I hope it wasn’t my fault.  I dunno, after talking with the hubby, I think my biggest issue was the fact that they didn’t sell toys at Dory or Pets, or shirts at Star Trek. I guess my taking offense was more related to why would they single out one brand? Who knows, maybe they should put a gift shop in and feature all the current movies and sell swag with their own logo as well.

We skipped the snacks tonight.

When we got to the theater one of the biggest surprises was how big the screen was in the DFX Atmos theater. It was floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

I was happy that the seats fully reclined.

Sound wise:

  • I noticed a lot of background sounds I did not hear in the IMAX theater. I heard the rain. I heard her bubble gum pop. I heard dogs barking in the background. I could go on and on.
  • Bart didn’t feel there was a big difference. He said he noticed subtle things but that was about it. He thought the Dolby DFX Atmos display before the movie started had better sound then the movie. So, he thinks maybe it was the movie. *shrugs*

Visual wise:

  • For the most part, I didn’t notice any difference between the IMAX 3D and the DFX Atmos theater. Maybe it was because it is a LARGE screen. The only time I noticed anything specific was towards the end of the movie. Harley is wearing fishnets. In IMAX it was very clear they were fishnets. In the DFX Atmos, it wasn’t so obvious. In fact, I read some reviews where people said she was wearing hot pants. So for me, the very fine details were better in IMAX but I didn’t notice a lot of differences.
  • Bart on the other hand noticed a lot of differences. He felt that the DFX Atmos was darker. He felt the 3D made a HUGE difference for him.

Movie wise:

  • I saw things and heard things that I missed on IMAX 3D.
  • I also completely didn’t see a scene that was very important. I asked Bart about it and he said it was there. I think I was so immersed in the sound that I missed parts of the movie.
  • Bart feels the 3D made a big difference in the quality of the movie and his enjoyment of it.

That being said: I think it really depends on who is watching and what your budget is.  I was more happy with DFX Atmos and he was more happy with IMAX 3D.

We didn’t have a clear winner on this. Who knows maybe we will have to watch movies 3 times each so we get IMAX 3D, DFX Atmos, and D-Box. =) If only the bank account would allow such silliness.

In case you are wondering on the costs. The evening tickets for an adult are as follows

Standard: $10.75

Standard 3D: $14.25

DFX Atmos: $12.75

DFX Atmos 3D: $ 14.75

IMAX: $ 15.00

IMAX 3D: $18.50

D-Box:  $20.75

Both my Star Trek and Jason Bourne posts talk about D-Box.

Again, it really is going to depend on the person and your budget as to which is the best for which movie.




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