Hurricane Simulator

Hurricane Simulator

Grandma, I want to go in the machine! Those were the words my grand daughter said to me when we passed the Hurricane Simulator at Rockin Jump in Modesto.

We waited our turn patiently. Then as I went to pay, there was a message on the card reader that the reader was not operating. I didn’t have $2 cash on me. She was so disappointed.

Well, don’t loose faith in humanity yet. A lady stopped us as we were walking off. Her son wanted to go in it but he didn’t want to do it alone, if my grand daughter wanted to go with him, his mom would pay. As you can see, the little ones agreed.

What happens after paying your $2

The attraction begins with you opening the door, stepping inside, and sliding the door shut.

Next a cute video count down begins to warn you it is about to start.

When it starts, the monitor shows the wind speed starting at 0. The wind increases to 78.9 Miles Per Hour which is equal to a category 1 hurricane. Once the wind reaches it’s peak it slows down until it is back at 0.

You then slide the door open and exit.

My grand daughter loved the Hurricane Simulator. I hear she has been in it before. She sure acted silly. She had been really hot after playing at Rockin Jump. When she got out she said she was cooled off.

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