bring your own cup day

Bring Your Own Cup Day

Bring Your Own Cup Day

August 19, and 20th. is Bring Your Own Cup Day for Slurpee’s at 7-Eleven. It is from 11 AM – 7PM.  The few rules include it has to stand upright in the 10 inch opening between the grate and nozzle, no pets, it has to be a food safe container, and it has to not have leaks and one cup per person. You still earn your stars for a future free drink.

bring your own cup day

When we lived in Reno our house was 0.1 mile from the nearest 7-Eleven. You literally could not come or go from our house without passing it. As a result we drank Slurpee’s multiple times a week. We would joke around and refer to it as crack because it is so addictive.

Where we live now the nearest 7-Eleven is an 8 minute drive or 40 minute walk. As you can guess, we get our Slurpee fix a lot less often.

Let me tell you I love Slurpee, so an offer like Bring Your Own Cup Day or Free Slurpee Day is almost guaranteed to bring me in.

Bart and I went to 7-Eleven on Oakdale Road in Modesto, CA. When we arrived a lady was leaving with a rectangle 2.5 gallon beverage dispenser. They had a mixture of flavors.  It looked like  they had a great time making it.

Bart and I came in with our Yellow Cups from Dickey’s BBQ Pit.  I made a Cherry Slurpee and Bart made his with Coke and Cherry.

I brought in my 7-Eleven gift card that I won last fall from Rockin refuel when I was trying to win a trip to Hawaii in their Football in Paradise Sweepstakes..  (the weekly prizes included an autographed football from  AJ Green, some Rockin Refuel accessories,  36 bottles of Rockin Refuel and the gift card from 7-Eleven as they sell Rockin Refuel.)

bring your own cup day

One of the things the readers of Becoming 7 have learned to love about my blog is that I am open and honest. I give the good with the bad and if I can balance the two even better. This is about where all the happiness of today’s post is going to end.

I approached the counter to pay. I let the man behind the counter know I was paying for both myself and Bart. I held out my phone with the app open. He scanned it once. I am not sure if the App magically knows how many we bought.  He wasn’t very talkative nor did he come across as being happy that we or anyone else came in. I tried to hand him my 7-Eleven gift card and he said slide it there.  Then he walked away.



I slid my card and a receipt came up. Bart was finished making his Slurpee and walked up to me. Bart was like where did he go? I was like, I DUNNO. Eventually I reached over and took my receipt. I checked to make sure that it showed 2 Slurpee’s, which it did. It also showed my gift card balance.

Bart mentioned the Coke Slurpee didn’t taste right, and he was wondering if the guy would let him pour it out and get a different flavor.

The guy never came back out front.

So we left.

No one said Thank You.

No one invited us to return.


It was just really really strange.

We got into the car and I tasted my Cherry Slurpee. It is pink but not bright red and the flavor? where was it.  It was so faint and you were left with a tasted of airated ice in your mouth.

bring your own cup day

Needless to say we were bummed. I can’t say I will be back to that 7-Eleven which is sad because it is the closest to our house which makes it the most conveniently  located.



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