Johns Incredible Pizza

Johns Incredible Pizza

Johns Incredible Pizza

This past weekend, I took my granddaughter who lives in town out to John’s Incredible Pizza in Modesto. When I picked her up, I have her the choice of going to Chuck E  Cheese or the big kid pizza place. She said she was a big kid now so she needed to go to the big kid place.


As we pulled up, she mentioned she had been there once. She asks people to take her all the time but no one will ever take her to John’s Incredible Pizza. I told her she must be asking the wrong people cause she hadn’t asked Grandma.


Upon entering, you follow a maze path for the line to the registers. At the registers you pay for your buffets and play. I choose one adult ($10.99)and one 3-6 year old ($4.99), Two unlimited refill drinks (1.99 each), and I opted for the $19.99 play package which is 100 credits and 1 ride. Instead of issuing tokens, you are given the card shown above. I don’t think anyone mentioned it but the card has a cost. ($0.25 each)

Honestly, I would prefer to have had a ton of tokens in my pockets over being charged for a card. No one mentioned the card was re-loadable. When we cashed out her tickets, we left her card with the employee. So, next time we go, it will be another $0.25.

I was asked if we were VIP’s.  I honestly did not know what that meant. It was not explained to me in any way. On my receipt there was a notation that if I were a VIP I would have earned $XXX towards a future visit.  I have no idea how you become a VIP nor if it costs to be a VIP.
IMG_3045IMG_3047IMG_3049 IMG_3048

John’s has several dinning rooms. I let my grand daughter choose which one we ate in. She choose the room with TIKI HUTS!  She ate Fettuccine noodles, Rigatoni noodles, and Macaroni and Cheese. Blue Raspberry Icee was the perfect drink.

IMG_3053 IMG_3051IMG_3050

I ate two slices of pepperoni pizza. My granddaughter had picked a slice of Macaroni and Cheese with Ham Pizza. Then she didn’t want it. I gave it a try. I wouldn’t pick it.

I did enjoy the pepperoni pizza and I think it is definitely better than Chuck E Cheese.

After eating and watching some Disney cartoons, it was time to have fun!


She ran right past the play area for younger kids and got in line to ride the trucks.

The rides actually confused me a little bit. The card we got was for 100 tokens and 1 ride. The rides all said a token number so I don’t know if they give extra tokens to account for the ride or what. Ultimately she had a blast and that is what the point of the day was.


She was quite excited to meet IncrediBear!

We played games for tickets


The ticket games confused me as well. I thought the games were not giving out tickets and was disappointed. Later in the day, I noticed that when we would swipe our token card it would also show how many tickets we had won.  Adding to my confusion is the fact that some machines did give out tickets.


I made us some ice creams!


She decided to have dessert in the hunting and fishing lodge.

Then it was time for big kid rides.

IMG_3080Johns Incredible PizzaIMG_3103IMG_3069IMG_3065IMG_3064

The bumper cars only allow one rider and she was about 2 inches too short. Maybe next time?

Johns Incredible PizzaIMG_3076IMG_3077

She passed on laser tag, but she went bowling.IMG_3102

Next up was glow in the dark mini-golf. This one started with a ball mishap. You scan your card then push a button for the color ball you want. The only green ball left didn’t fall into the track. So we had no ball.


After finding someone to get us a ball, she had a great time playing golf!


Next it was time to confuse grandma again. I want to give myself some credit here, I am only 44 and I am a fairly smart cookie. That being said, we got in line with her 3 physical tickets and her 93 tickets stored in her card.

That is not how the tickets work. First you have to go to the ticket eating monster machine and put your tickets in the feeder. Then you swipe your card and it adds your physical tickets to the card.

Then, you can go to the counter to have them scan your card. So with 96 tickets we got 4 different colors of plastic fangs and an Ana from Frozen tattoo. She was very happy with her loot.

She wanted a lava lamp or some shopkins toys but she didn’t want to have to save her tickets. She is only 5 after all.


On the way out, we came across a table where they were selling balloons for $0.50 and balloon animals for $1.00. My grand daughter wanted a flower. She was quite happy with her balloon flower braceletJohns Incredible Pizza

My granddaughter said it was a 2 THUMBS UP day!

I had a nice time seeing her so happy. As I mentioned before there were a lot of things that were confusing, not explained, etc.  That being said for myself I would give it a 7 out of 10.


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