7d experience

The 7 D Experience and LaZer Challenge

7D Experience and Laser Challenge

During our visit to Pier 39 we also visited the 7D experience. If you have followed the blog for a while you are aware of all the different theater experiences we have tried lately.

7d experience

I want to stop and point out that as you walk up to the store front, there is a collection container for Give Kids the World! If you remember, back in May we featured them during Brain Cancer Awareness Month. (read it here) They are an incredible facility in FL that aids in granting wishes for seriously ill children.  The man working and I were able to have a nice conversation about Give Kids the World.

7d experience

The 7 D experience is like 4K, Curved Screen, floor to ceiling screen, Digital 3D, Surround Sound, D-Box motion seats that you have to be seat belted into, gusts of air that hit you in the face at the right moments and a video game that you play all at once. They also offer the option of turning off the motion to your chair if you so desire. (not sure who would want that but to each his own)

7d experience

The ride or game or movie or whatever you want to label it involves 4 min of training followed by approximately 5 minutes of play.  If you go to groupon, you can get tickets as low as $7.50 a person.

The theater only has 20 seats so there are no bad seats. At the end of the ride, your photo comes up with your score.

They also offer a LaZer Challenge. The laser challenge is $5 a person. There are two options. One is to make it across without breaking the beams. The second option is to try and break as many beams as you can.

7d experience

We tried the first option. It was so much fun. We were laughing so hard. It was a real work out too. We joked around that we were secret agents like on Chuck or trying to break into somewhere like Oceans Twelve.

It was such a blast!

Guaranteed fun for all ages.



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