Take Over the Kitchen Day

National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Tuesday is National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day! As children we spend a lot of time watching and copying the grown ups in our lives. Regardless of our lifestyles, the kitchen is one place everyone goes.


One of our first jobs in the kitchen is to help clean up. Good thing we were all allowed to lick the bowl and spoon when we were little.


Our next job is frequently to help mix.


That is some of the most fun I remember.  Unless you count being the taste tester.


If we are lucky, no one yells at us when they catch us sneaking a treat.


We learn to make cakes with love for peoples birthdays. While our cakes may not be as fancy as you find at the store, Our mom know we made it for her with love.


We find out how much fun it can be to cook in the kitchen. When summer comes dipping bananas in chocolate is the bestest.

When the holidays come we love to show off our masterpieces.

With the right amount of love and encouragement, we might just become the next Martha Stewart or Cake Boss.


So stop just long enough on Tuesday to have the little ones help in the kitchen. If they are big enough let them take over dinner. Tell them what a great job they did and how good their hot dogs and macaroni and cheese taste.

If you need inspiration for them, today is also:


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