National Bridge Day

National Bridge Day

It was National Bridge Day on October 15, 2016. I thought I would share with you a few of my favorites.

Bridges that have light shows

The Bay Bridge Lights consists of 25,000 LED lights that are programmed to create a series of abstract patterns that ascend and descend the cables and appear to cross the bridge. Leo Villareal created the Bay Lights. He says the patterns will be inspired by weather patterns, tides, and the volume of traffic on the bridge at any given time.

Below is a video we took from Pier 39 in San Francisco.  The lights run from dusk until 2 AM daily.


Bridges for kids


When we are kids, we often encounter bridges on our playgrounds. Just like bridges for adults, they help us get from one place to another.

Bridges for big people




Sometimes we will use bridges to cross the street over traffic. Other times we will use bridges on a mulit-level complex to get from one side to the other without having to return to the ground floor.

The Bay Bridge

I absolutely love the Bay Bridge. Most people think of the Bay Bridge collapse from the earthquake during the 1989 World Series.  Since being rebuilt and retrofitted, I feel incredibly safe on the bridge. I also love to pay the toll for the car behind me. I think of it as good Karma for when I am in the city.


I enjoy the views, Treasure Island, and the light show at night.

bridge img_3557

img_3556img_3215 img_3204 img_1820


The Golden Gate Bridge

When people say they are going to San Francisco, the bridge most people think of is the Golden Gate Bridge. Recently Bart and I took the Blue and Gold Bridge to Bridge cruise. I saw the Golden Gate Bridge from a new point of view. It is incredible to be directly under it and look up. To know that there are tons of cars crossing it and to realize just how big and strong it is.


img_3551   img_3554 img_3555   golden

Do you have a favorite bridge?

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