Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup #ad #giveaway

If your little once loves to help out in the kitchen and help cook, Garden Safari may very possibly be the best first cookbook on the planet!


(I received two complimentary copies. One for my grand daughter and I to review and one to give away to a lucky reader.)




My granddaughter is 5 years old and in Kindergarten.She is at the stage where she desperately wants to read like a big kid, but lacks some of the phonics it will require of her.


Garden Safari provided her with enough clues that she was able to properly decipher what the book said.  She was told it was a cook book and she noticed each page had a giant number.  The vegetables are bright and colorful. The pictures gave her an idea of what you do with each item.

garden safari

I listened to her as she said, “Step 1” followed by her own directions. She repeated this for every step. She even pretended it was story time and read to her stuffed animals.

garden safari

She was really exited to see the tomatoes and said they were here favorite.

garden safari

We decided to go in to grandam’s backyard garden to see what we could find.

garden safari

She said she had never picked a tomato before. I decided to let her try.

garden safari

She was really excited and told everyone how she picked her first tomato from a safari

Besides Red Tomatoes, the cookbook calls for orange carrots,  blue potatoes, green celery, yellow onion, brown rice, etc.

Some of the things I LOVE about Garden Safari Vegetable Soup  by the Kitchen Club Kids include:

  • bright colors
  • vegetable names
  • counting 1-10
  • easy reading with large photos and numbers
  • rhyming words to make reading fun
  • children feel they can read the book without help
  • encourages gardening
  • encourages cooking from scratch
  • is a mom/dad/grandparent and me activity
  • multiple nationalities portrayed
  • teaches healthy food choices
  • helps build a positive relationship with food
  • There is even a cute pickle hidden on every page! My granddaughter loves searching for hidden pictures.


Other books in the line include End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad and Feed Your Senses Homemade Bread. You can find all of them here. They are also available on Amazon.





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Garden Safari Vegetable Soup

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