Hatchimal Giveaway


Hatchimal Giveaway


Every year there is that one toy that kids want that adults just can’t find. 2016 looks like it will be the year of the Hatchimal.Β Hatchimals

2015 I spent going store to store town to town searching for Β Pie Face for my grand daughter who lives in the same town as me. I eventually found it on Amazon when a supplier got a last minute supply. Thank goodness for Prime. As a grandma, that is my choice.

1998 I searched the globe for Furby for my daughter. I searched. Relatives searched. Internet friendsΒ across the globe helped me search. Ultimately it was found about 1800 miles away. Someone made a 3 hour drive to pick it up after giving their credit card info to a store via the phone. It was then shipped cross country to me in time for my daughter to receive it. ( I want to note my daughter Β was 9, living in a long term treatment facility and it was the ONLY toy she was asking for)

1983 Was the first year I became aware of the GOTTA HAVE IT Toy Craze. It was the year my sister and I woke up without Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Some people might want to call it being spoiled. I like to think of it as keeping Christmas magical for as long as possible for a child.

In keeping with that tradition, I want to help the 7’s in my life keep Christmas Magical for the 7’s in their lives. After all 7 IS MAGIC.

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  1. Yes, she is driving me mad about one, but I either cannot find one I can afford as they sell out so quickly or cannot afford the ones that are in stock .x

  2. The other toy I’m having a hard time with is the Snuggles, My Dream Puppy and I don’t anticipate it getting any easier .x

    1. They also have it at a Target about 45 minutes from me. Both have it for $49.98. If you want to give me your zip, I can help you search online stores or contact me and I might be able to help you get it locally and sent to you. Would hate for your little one(s) to be disappointed all around πŸ™

  3. No, my son is too old, but I have a granddaughter that is the right age and would love to have one. I would be the hero πŸ™‚

  4. My Grandson asked for one when he saw a picture of it, but he’s not real familiar with it yet …thankfully!! I would definitely be in trouble if he did and I don’t win!! LOL

  5. No other toy at this time am I having a hard time finding! My girls only get 3 toys. I am just trying to find this little guy and then the Disney tea cart for my little one and I am done with toys.

  6. No. My kids haven’t asked for one. I’m entering in the hopes that I win so I can donate it. If I win, I plan on giving it to Toys for Tots. I’ve seen what people are charging for these and it disgusts me. Every year we see it happen with the most popular toys and it makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. I don’t think I’ll have a problem finding any toys this year. I’ve taught my children that just because you ask for something, doesn’t mean you’ll receive it. Every Christmas they’ve been so grateful for getting any presents at all. They’re aware that there are people that have nothing and every Christmas time, we go shopping so they can pick out a toy each to donate.

  8. yes I think this toy will be the most popular one this Christmas. or possibly the Barbie dreamhousoe my daughter really wants. thanks!

  9. oh yes! she and her bestie each want one. that seems fairly unlikely, unless i’m lucky enough to win one. hottest toy of the year and it’s crazy-expensive.

  10. My 8 year old daughter told me about it awhile back and I thought okay, thats a nice toy, but too expensive. And now its the hottest toy and blown up! I should have bought it then because I can’t find it at a reasonable price anywhere! Now she has turned my 4 year old son into wanting one too, so now I need 2 of them…

  11. My granddaughter said this is her #1 item she wants but I don’t see that happening so sad times are tough.. I have had a problem with finding this at a cost I can afford but thanks for the chance so exciting.

  12. Yes, my 7 year old, Emma, has asked for one several times. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about until this week. They look like they would be really fun for her and other children.

  13. I haven’t experienced any trouble finding any toys except the Hatchimals. There’s always at least one toy that is scarce every Christmas!

  14. My kid is a teenager and she tells us what she wants now and my niece and newphews parents tell us ahead of time so we can search them. So far now with the web it has been so much easier to find the things they want. So I don’t anticipate having a hard time finding what they want. Now the price is another story. Lol.

  15. I don’t really have any hard to find gift items… although I’m looking for decently priced legos and that’s not so easy to find! lol

  16. What a lovely giveaway, my daughter would be over the moon to receive one of these but if we don’t win I hope that who ever does will be just as excited and happy.

  17. My kids have had Hatchimal on their Christmas list but me being clueless had no idea what they are….started looking at the list thinking how prepared I am starting the xmas shopping this early! Only to find Hatchimals are out of stock and like gold dust…..dohh!

  18. I anticipate having a hard time finding a Hatchimal this holiday season. I went to Wal Mart yesterday and there was 3 signs posted that they were out of stock! Oh man… I should have got this earlier! Thanks so much for the awesome giveaway! Someone is going to be very happy this Christmas morning! Good luck all!

  19. My kids were lucky enough to buy their own a few weeks ago, however I know a little girl who’s mother cannot find one and I would love to be able to send her one for christmas! Thanks so very much for the opportunity!

  20. Both of my kids (aged 7 and 9) would love a hatchimal for Christmas. We actually went to a live hatching on release date and I really wish I’d bought one then because I didn’t realise how popular they’d be! Not sure we will find one now.

    I also remember being younger and wanting a Pound Puppy for Christmas. I didn’t get one, they were sold out, but my birthday is in January and I got one then and I was soooooooo pleased.

  21. Mine havent asked for one yet but its only a matter of time! I am already struggling for ideas and I think its also going to be hard to get hold of the things my boys want for a prize I can afford:)


  22. I anticipate having a hard time finding not one buy two Hatchimal’s this year! I’m also not really sure what a super duper flying drone is?!? Wish me luck πŸ™‚ Many thanks!

  23. Not anticipating any hard times for my list, however, I’m trying to help a friend finish her list ….and yes, it’s hard to find the Hatchimal she’s needing lol

  24. My son didn’t ask for one but I think as soon as he sees them he’ll want one…luckily I’m sure we’ll be able to skip the rush and he’ll be happy to get one later after the excitement from all the Christmas shoppers are done

  25. Both my children asked for Hatchimals, unfortunately not until after they were sold out. They even wrote to Santa asking for one

  26. My daughter hasn’t asked but my niece has and my brother and sister-in-law have tried everywhere but no luck so if I won I would give it to my brother to give his daughter

  27. I anticipate it will be near impossible to find American Girl Dolls, I have looked at a few places already with no such luck! πŸ™

  28. Yes my son has asked me for a Hatchimal and that is the exact toy that I’m having trouble finding. There isn’t really anything else I have struggled to find yet but I think I’m lucky because he’s still young enough that anything I get him will be cool and I can’t really buy the wrong thing. I fear it’s my last year of it though, better enjoy it!

  29. My nieces are asking for Hatchimals… My girls didn’t ask for anything hard to find so I won’t have a problem just trying to help my sister out.

  30. My daughter Esther has asked and was so broken hearted when I told her they were sold out. I’d love to surprise her with this!

  31. Other than Hatchimals, I don’t think there will be anything too hard to find. This is the “it” toy this year. The “tickle me elmo” of 2016! LOL

  32. I’ve been having a hard time finding a Hatchimal! But also the Pokemon Card Tins as they are selling out really quickly everywhere!

  33. YES yes two of them have asked for one. I had NO clue as to what they were at all. Now I know. And oh boy, they are expensive. I guess I am hoping I win one. I have too many to buy for to spend that much on one…

  34. I USED to have a very very hard time finding items they would request, in the past. But hey, isn’t the internet GREAT? I do love to shop online. Even if I end up having to shell out for shipping, I say most of the time I save my time and gas money anyway. I hope I find what they wanted this year,..

  35. The hatchimals and the Classic Nes are nearly impossible to find. I wish the company’s would make enough stock. How do they make money with no products to sell?

  36. Yes, my daughter wants one very, very badly. Her cousin (and very best friend) is getting one, so I am determined to find one for her, too…lol πŸ™‚

  37. Yes, my 5 year old asks that we write and tell Santa to get him one for Christmas. I’ve looked everywhere, and shocked that prices went up. So crossing fingers in hopes I can find him one or it will be a note under the tree I. It’s spot.

  38. Yes! My oldest wants the mini Nintendo, my 5 year old asked for the new pie in face and the hatchimal. Seems all are very hard to find

  39. Both of my daughters who are autistic have asked for a phone and not any particular one so I’m sure I will be able to come up with one that makes them happy!!

  40. I’ve been on a hatchimal hunt for a few weeks now. Ii can not get in line early enough as it conflicts with our school drop off schedule but I do go right before the stores open and am at the end of the line atleast I am trying my best.

  41. I’ve looked all over for a hatchimal this year. No stores within an hour drive have had them. I’ve sat outside tru and target at 5:30 am every time I can find a sitter and still no luck. I’m pretty exhausted ď

  42. I think this is great what you are doing! I have also been looking for a hatchimal for my daughter. They are so hard to find. I haven’t found one yet. Thanks!

  43. My daughter has BEGGED for a Hatchimal and I have been looking for a couple months but unless I can pay BIG BUCKS no luck!!
    I am a single mom so I cant afford ridiculous prices and I hate knowing my daughter will be disappointed.

  44. My nephew actually asked for one…I had no idea what he was talking about at the time, but now I do! They are adorable!

  45. I anticipate having a hard time finding some of the tech stuff the oldest boy in our family is asking for. I know those kind of products usually fly off the shelves during the holidays!

  46. With the fact that they are flying off shelves and being offered online for ridiculous amounts of money, I doubt that I will find a Hatchimal–winning one would be great!

  47. My daughter Meghan, who has autism, cant say many words but she has been asking for a “Hatchimal” pretty much nonstop.

  48. These Hatchimals seem hard to find here. I also need to get on the lookout for the new Nintendo updated classic game system as they are rumored to be hard to find, too.

  49. I anticipate the Hatchimal and the Nintendo NES Classic gaming system are both rather hard to find unless you are willing to pay the price!

  50. Yes, a Hatchimal is at the top of her list. But, she loves any kind of automated animal…Little Live Pets, ZoomerKitty…etc!

  51. this is awesome. I want to win for a friend who can’t afford inflated prices and it’s all her daughter wants for Christmas

  52. This is #1 on my daughters list this year! I had no clue what the heck this thing was until after Black Friday, so we have been on the hunt!

  53. My two youngest grandchildren have asked for a Hatchimal this year for Christmas but due to living on a fixed income, I am unable to gift them what is on their wish list.

  54. Every time my granddaughter sees me she asks if she can have one for Christmas…I’ve told her that they are very hard to find.

  55. The hatchimal has been this years hardest toy for me to find ! My daughter asked for one and I about passed out lol !!

  56. My 2 daughter’s and my stepdaughter all want one.. it’s crazy how hard they are to find and how expensive they are when you find them

  57. Finding both a Hatchimal, and the Nintendo remake that recently was released has proven hard. Also, an Instant camera that my daughter wants isn’t easy to find in stores, I’ve seen online, but price is auite a bit marked up on eBay and Amazon.

  58. My daughter has asked for one, but they’re just not available at retail in Kansas and I’m not paying an online Hatchimal scalpter hundreds of dollars.

    “You can’t get everything you want” may not be a lesson my kiddo wants to learn, but it’s one she needs,…

  59. I anticipated having a hard time finding the Gemma Stone Shoppie Doll released on BlackFriday at WalMart but luckily my brother was shopping and scooped one up!

  60. My Great Grandson wants one this year.I didn’t seem to have a problem finding a Furby, but I always thought it was 99 not ’98. But I lived in Orlando and they had an FAO Schwartz….

  61. My kids asked for a Hatchimal after they sent their letters to Santa. I was worried the Gemma Stone shoppie doll would be hard to find but I’m seeing them everywhere!

  62. My granddaughter really wants one of these, but they are all sold out. I see Amazon.com had them, but there is no way they will get to Canada in time for Christmas. Amazon.ca is asking a crazy price for them. I would really love to give this to her. She deserves it.

  63. I really have my doubts that I will be able to find her a hatchimal anywhere in this country unless I win it. πŸ™‚ My heart goes out to all the children who won’t get one this year. πŸ™

  64. My 6 yr old Daughter does want a Hatchimal. I was looking last week and seen them priced at $236, that’s ridiculous. That was before shipping.

  65. The only toy I’m having trouble with on my kids’ lists are the Hatchimal. I never heard of this thing up until a couple weeks ago and this thing has gone crazy. I must admit they are cute.

  66. from what I have seen the hatchimals are flying off the shelves and people are price gouging them to make money just because they are popular.

  67. Yes, my granddaughter Kylie Rose has asked for a Hatchimal. Her mom is a single parent, and this is just to expensive for her to buy for her. I would love to see the look on my granddaughters face if she got one.

  68. My granddaughter Kylie is also wanting one of those American Girl Dolls, and they are so expensive, I’ve been searching for them for a decent price, but I don’t anticipate finding one, maybe not so hard to find, but hard to find one reasonably priced.

  69. My 6 year old daughter has asked for a hatchimal, and a ton of of other stuff lol. I would just love to have 1 thing under the tree that she really wants.I told her we don’t have enough money for any of it and she told me that’s ok mommy, Santa is magic and he will find a way to get me something I want. Time for harsh reality of a Christmas miracle? I am up hours after the kids are asleep entering every contest I can find for a hatchimals. Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway!

  70. I don’t anticipate having a difficult time finding any other toy this Christmas, the Hatchimal is the only one that is scarce.

    1. I didn’t even know what they were until you couldn’t find them. My granddaughter clued me in. I ended up finding it at Barnes and Noble.com at the regular price. I ordered it and when it got to my house, I posted the giveaway. =) Hoping to make someones little one believe just a little bit longer.

  71. I haven’t been able to find a hatchimal for my daughter, so it would be great to win one, thanks for the chance x (second comment)

  72. i hope to win the wonderful hatchimals. the hatchimals bird pops out like a genie does. when popping out of a genie lamp!. i love the hatchimals!.

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