A Note to 7 year old me from 44 year old me

Dear Miki,

There are times in history that even the meekest most timid church mouse has to suit up and be brave. For many people you know and love, that time is now.


For the past 2 days, I have pondered what I should say about the recent election. How to approach this on the blog. How to share with all my 7’s how I feel.

Tonight, on facebook, a friend had an image of safety pins holding torn paper together. With a little more poking around, I discovered the safety pin movement began as a show of solidarity following Brexit.

The safety pin is a way to let others know you are a safe person for them to reach out to without saying a word.


Those words took me back to 1982 when I was 10. I remember the labor of love that went into friendship pins. We would spend hours creating masterpieces.

The next day, at school, we would give our dearest most precious friends a pin we made especially for them.  We would put them on our shoes or on our jacket zippers to show the world. Our friends would wear the ones we gave them. We knew we had value to someone and our friends knew we valued them.


It was a simpler time. A time when we were came home when the street lights came on. A time when we 7’s could play in the front yard. A time when 7’s were allowed to walk to and from school each day. A time when 7 was indeed magic.


So I am inviting all the 7’s reading this today, to go dig in mom or grandma’s sewing basket. Get out those safety pins and beads. Poke your fingers. Bleed a little bit. Make some of the prettiest pins you can create. Then give them away to everyone you meet.

Remember that there are friends we have known a lifetime and friends we just haven’t met yet. Get out there and be a friend.


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