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It seems as though every child wants to grow up a little faster than the adults around them would like. While I am in love with the big kid my granddaughter is becoming, sometimes, her mommy isn’t ready for her to grow up.

As many of the 7’s know, my grand daughter is 5 and will be 6 in January. She started Kindergarten this year. As you can imagine, she is very aware that she is a BIG KID NOW. For a few months she has been asking about transitioning to a booster seat from her traditional forward facing car seat.

This is where our friends at Dorel Juvenile Group stepped in. They recently sent me a Safety1st Store and Go Full Back Booster Seat for us to review.

booster seats

You might be wondering, when is the right time to move into a booster seat. Some guidelines I have found on AAA’s website include:

  • Outgrown the internal harness or height limitations of a forward facing car seat
  • weighs between 40-100 pounds
  • Between 36 inches and 54 inches tall
  • Can not sit against with their back against the car seat and have their knees properly bending at the end of the seat cushion
  • Does not properly fit the vehicle seat belt system

booster seats

We let our friends at Dorel Juvenile know a few things about my grand daughter. She is 5 almost 6. Her height is 42 inches. She weights 48 pounds. She actively shares a desire to transition into a booster seat.

booster seats

We expressed our desire for her to be in a high back booster seat for added safety. Her mom was also really shopping around for one with a built in cup holder. It might sound silly to some, but after 5 plus years of a car seat with a cup holder, it was a feature that would be sorely missed.

Like most little ones, my grand daughter is always collecting little treasures everywhere she goes. Now she has a place with easy access to keep them.

booster seats

A few days after the box arrived, I belted the booster seat into the center position in the back seat of my Honda Accord. I then drove across town to their house. I arrived just as they were getting home from a trip.

I asked my grand daughter if she wanted to go for a car ride with me. She had spent several hours in the car already with her mom.  So,  her response was “NO!”

booster seats

We convinced her that maybe she should go to McDonald’s with Grandma and get an ice cream cone. Once she opened the back door her mood instantly changed. She was so excited to be a big kid and have a booster seat.

booster seats

She was quick to notice the side pockets. But, her real excitement came when she was shown the pull out drawer.  She ended up putting some of the Trolls goodies from McDonald’s in the drawer. She also insisted on a photo with Princess Poppy.  ( fyi. she is wearing shorts in the pictures)

The cup holder easily holds a standard size bottle of water.

My granddaughter has talked about the pretty colors on her new booster seat.

booster seats

I like the seat belt guidance system. It has a belt clip on the head rest to ensure the belt properly crosses the little ones chest. Teaching the child proper seat belt placement.

At school, her class has been working on writing simple sentences. They then draw a picture of their sentence. Her mommy texted me a photo today.  She wrote I like car seat and drew a picture of her mom’s Honda Element. She is sitting in her new booster seat.

booster seats

If desired, the high back can be easily removed to transform the chair into a standard booster seat. We however are going to use the extra safety features as long as possible.

Thank you again Dorel Juvenile Group for sending the Safety 1st Store and Go High Back Booster seat for us to review.

*Dorel Juvenile Group consists of: Maxi-Cosi, QuinnySafety1st , Tiny Love, Angel, Baby Art, Bebe Confort, Cosco, Voyage, Infanti, Mother’s Choice, Disney Baby, Eddie Bauer



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