Bucket List Challenge

I stumbled on this from an old facebook post and I thought I would do it again and add any updates.


This was started by Lori C. in 2010 she wrote…

I was watching a promo the other day for that MTV Show “The Buried Life,” and when they got to the part about helping other people do something on their bucket lists, I wondered if this was something we could start on Facebook.

So, I’m just going to throw this out there, and let’s see if it catches on. Here is a list of some things I would personally like to do before I die (my “bucket list” of sorts). If you have any way of helping me do one of these things, let me know! Then be sure to copy and paste your own list, for I am sure that I can facilitate even some crazy requests. Just kidding, but really—helping people makes you feel good. If that pickle can get more fans than Nickleback, can’t we set a record for helping each other do things? Just a thought. Here’s what I bring to the table: I’ve written a couple of books and can give you some insight into how that works, can help you with marketing just about anything, have traveled extensively and know a lot of people and places, AND my dad once had an ostrich farm. So, I’ve got that going for me. I bet there are some things I could help you check off your list.

*** end of Lori’s Post…

well going for me is I was a military brat so I lived in CA, WA, HI, SD, AL, NM, and now NV. Living in lots of places means meeting lots of people and seeing lots of things. I raised a disabled child so I might have some unique resources if you need them.

if there is somehting I can help you check off, let me know… otherwise… here is the list hubby and I wrote after seeing the movie the bucket list…

go to victoria falls, zimbabwae

get married (04/01/08)

names of children if we have any sebastion johan and samantha nicole

find husband’s first born child (we found her and have seen her but she does not know it)

boston on the 4th of july for the boston pops and fireworks

learn portugese ( I am 1/2)

learn about portugal

take a cruise

run the valley of fire marathon (I went to see valley of fire twice when I have visited vegas, but did NO running)

14% body fat

21-24 bmi


teacup poodle

subteranian house (we saw one in vegas)

own a bed and breakfast

move to reno (08/08)


write and publish a book ( i have a few on the hard drive, one got into talks with harper collins years ago, but fell aside )

buy hubby’s ring (03/08)

home theater system (we have a big screen tv, dvd, vhs, various streaming devices, stero, surround sound… umm hubby what more?)

adeventure inn (has since gone belly up, but we have been to fantasy inn in tahoe and count that)

go to maui

stay at the venetian (have been inside, never stayed there)

go to disneyworld/epcot center

win the lotto

own a motorcycle (I think he wants  a honda shadow?)

super computer network center (not sure what he means we have 4 towers, 2 laptops that all use the same wi-fi and printer, scanner, some macs, etc so I think it counts)

awesome stero system (I think he wants to upgrade to bose)

walk on the ocean on the east coast (he says something about seeing the backside of water)

go camping

see yanni

meet yanni

be debt free (we were completely debt free in 02/08 but then we got married and moved and piled up new bills)

Disneyland at Christmas (we both have but never together)

morman tabernacle chior

meet rachel ray

meet emril

meet sandra bullock

meet john goodman, hubby also wants his autograph

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