Frozen Sing Along

Frozen Sing Along

Confession time, it seems like I am doing this a lot lately, I had NEVER seen the movie Frozen. A grandma to 3 children ages almost 3 to almost 6 has never seen Frozen. A former toy store manager who didn’t understand who Olaf or Sven were nor why they mattered at the time. This now self-proclaimed 7 year old had no idea what she had been missing.


As you can imagine the little ones all dressed up as their favorite characters. My grand daughter wore her Anna Cape.


My grand daughter also has an Elsa Cape. (the photo below is from a mini Olympics in 2015 when they had a frozen theme) She was sent them as a gift one year from my older sister who lives in South Dakota.  Apparently the capes are quite nice compared to what is on the market. People were asking us where she got hers and who made it. I honestly don’t know who made them, just a friend of my sisters. BUT if my sister tells us who it is and how to reach them, I will be sure to let ALL of you know because they are truly special.


Some of the fun, at least for me, was seeing the kids sporting special outfits, shirts, dresses, capes, costumes, and on and on.


 The State Theater went out of their way to make this a special event. They had Olaf’s Hot Chocolate and specially decorated  sugar cookies for the fans of each character. My grand daughter asked me to get her an ANNA cookie.  They were very nicely decorated and quite delish!


The kids were having a great time at the theater. Everyone enjoying their snacks and singing along with the movie. Then something happened. Let it Go came on. There was a single child standing on the stage. Then it was like magic what happened next. You would have had to been there to really feel it, but the video below gives you a glimpse.

img_3965 I cannot even imagine how happy the kids were up there singing and dancing to Let it Go. When the song ended, they all returned to their respective grown ups and settled back down for the movie.img_3967

Unfortunately children are predictable and once it happened the first time, it was like game on. For that very reason, the staff put a quick halt to the shenanigans. The film stopped and they made an announcement to retrieve your tiny dancers from the stage for their safety.

I do want to go out on a limb and thank the staff at the State theater for allowing the children to enjoy the magic at least once.


By the end of the movie I was asking myself how I never saw it before. My grand daughter’s mommy was like are you serious? NEVER?  frozen

In the end I learned that there was more then Olaf and Sven to the movie. I now know the difference between Anna and Elsa. I think Hans is baaaaaaddddd and I adore Kristoff. I am probably going to end up buying Frozen for my own collection.

There is more to this blog post then you  might expect. We watched the Frozen Sing Along at the State theater.


The State theater was built in 1934 by Charles Lee. He became one of the most prolific and distinguished motion picture theater designers of his time. He was known for saying the show starts on the sidewalk.


I love the beauty of the organ pipes on the sides of the screen. The organist was not there for this show. I have been to other shows where you enter to the sound of the organ being played Kyle Barker of Barker’s Music.


(photo was taken very early, before the theaters 570 seat filled up)

In recent years, the theater has been going through some renovations and upgrades. The theater now has high definition digital movies. It also  still owns 35 mm projectors for classic films viewed by the Modesto Film Society.

The theater now sports a 22 speaker Dolby surround sound system.


You can see some of Mr Lee’s stunning Art Deco on the walls. It is rare today to see art at a movie theater.  I am truly grateful to the League of American Historic Theaters, Modesto Convention and Visitors Bureau, and all the loyal donors.


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