Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

The other day I was writing about how I was missing so many things from Christmas’ past. One of the things I mentioned was last year going with my grand daughter to see Christmas Lights. She would ring peoples doorbells. When they answered, she would sing Jingle Bells.

A few nights ago, I convinced Bart to go see Christmas lights. I knew he loves a good light show sync’d to music.  I did a little googlefu and came up with LightShowLane .

What I didn’t realize until we got there was it was the exact neighborhood that my grand daughter and I visited the year before.

The Lightshowlane light show is a computer controlled Christmas light show that utilizes hundreds of computer channels (Animated Lighting and DMX), LED’s, strobe lights, low power lasers and other visual effects to create a synchronized music light show.  The lights are synchronize to over 30 songs resulting in a show that lasts approximately 1 hours 30 minutes.  The music is also transmitted on short range FM so you can stay in your car and watch the show on a cold or rainy day.  Lightshowlane is a proud sponsor of Toys For Tots and the Salvation Army. 

I love Christmas and everything about it. I was able to watch the lights for a good 30 minutes or so.

Bart loves sound and lights. We ended up having a really nice time. Bart felt the urge to crank up the base on his subs to a few of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra songs. 

I can’t wait until we see TSO next Wednesday night!

I did a periscope broadcast of part of the show. You can watch it below.

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