Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday !!!!

Life is amazing. When you are young you don’t realize what a miracle your birth is or was.

happy birthday

My granddaughter was born on January 11,  2011. My husband and I lived in Reno, NV at the time. We received a call that it was time to make a road trip as our grand baby was on the way. We had just got to town and pulled into Chicken Barn, when we got a call that they were doing a c-section. We hopped back in the car and headed to the hospital.

A lot of times we take things like pregnancy and child birth for granted. My daughter rarely saw a dr while she was pregnant. She ended up going past her due date. It wasn’t until she fell in the shower and went to the ER that someone said, we need to get the baby out.

So often we feel like if a baby makes it to term, then life is great and problem free. While there are issues with being premature, there are also issues with being over due. In my granddaughter’s case it meant she had already passed her merconium in the womb.

Her first four months of life were a rocky period. She was almost a year before I saw her again.

Around 4 months, an incredible lady stepped in and gave my granddaughter the family she deserved. I didn’t know where the baby was for close to 6 months and it was the most painful thing I can imagine. I can’t tell you how relieved I was to know she was not only okay but happy, healthy, and loved.

happy birthday

Turning 1 was all about YO GABA GABA. I got to know my grand daughter and her new family.  I can not even begin to put into words the depths of my gratitude to Her.

About two weeks before her second birthday she was officially adopted.  happy birthday

As she grew, her sense of humor was amazing. I am telling you this is one of the funniest little girls you will ever meet.

happy birthday

Who could resist those puppy dog eyes? By the time she was 4 she had it down pat.

Happy Birthday

At  5 her independence was blossoming. She began trying new things and being independent.

happy birthday

Today, she turned 6. She is smart as a whip. She loves school. She can write her name, count to 100, and even say some words in Spanish.

Happy Birthday

Six years ago, I could not have imagined life as it is today. My daughter and I are estranged. My husband and I are living in Modesto. My granddaughter’s mommy is a dear friend to us. I see my amazing granddaughter almost every week.

Each of us have been blessed to be given the amazing gift of life.  I can only hope for more blessings over the next 6 years.

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Happy Birthday

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      1. I wrote abput what I learned already so my favorite bday memory would be when my kids made me breakfast in bed and sang me a song ,(they are 12 yr boy , 11 yr boy & 9 yr girl) as a matter of fact it was this past Thursday Jan 12th 2017. I love how sweet my kids are!

  1. My birthday memory would be my 21st when we started out with a keg at my house and ended up walking with it across town to another place.

  2. I turned 22 just 11 days after I was married (along, long time ago!), and my husband bought me a beautiful dress for my birthday.

  3. My favorite birthday memory is being at my cousin’s house and getting a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake in the shape of a Snoopy when I was 7!

  4. What I learned about your blog today is that you are very, very blessed! You have an amazing granddaughter and a wonderful woman who is raising her.

  5. My favorite birthday memory is my son’s 3rd birthday. He wanted to go to Chuck e Cheese so we took him for the first time. He had so much fun.

  6. What I learned from you is your honesty on your grand daughter being adopted.

    All that matters is love, health and happiness for all involved.

    My thoughts are with your daughter ..may you both find peace together again

  7. My favorite birthday memory was when we were traveling and my husband made a special trip to a bakery in the morning and brought me a very large donut with Happy Birthday on it to our motel room.

  8. My favorite birthday memory is having a birthday party at the local skating rink and I got to ride around in the gigantic skate (I was about 5) haha I still remember it though!

    1. My favorite BiRtHdAy memory was when I turned 30. My Aunt throw me a surprise birthday party with bounce houses and more. Made 30 so much better.

  9. I learned that you are a strong women and love your granddaughter unconditionally. You are an inspiration and I’m so glad that your granddaughter got a second chance at a great life.

  10. My favorite memory of my birthday is the cake that my mom would make me every year. It was a round cake with a Barbie doll stuck in it and the cake part was her skirt, and the frosting covered the skirt and her torso to make up the dress. I looked forward to that every single year for many years and would always try to guess the dress color before my birthday.

  11. My favorite birthday memory is when I thought my sweet husband had forgotten, but when we got to work (we worked together) I found my locker decorated like a party with my gift of an beautiful amethyst ring inside.

  12. I learned about your beautiful granddaughter! I am so happy that you get to be a part of her life. One of our grandsons will be eight on 01-15. He was adopted at one week old (a very long story). His mother kept in touch with his family until he was one year old. Part of the adoption agreement was weekly communication for the first year and after that either party could decide to close communication. The adoptive family chose not to continue 🙁

    1. Remember that while it is painful to be out of the loop, the day will most likely come that he seeks to know about his birth family and how his life began. Also keep in mind that you can reach out to him once he is an adult. Fifty years ago things were so different. With today’s technology the world is a much smaller place.

  13. You have 3 dogs and 3 outdoor cats and you’re celebrating your granddaughter’s 6th birthday. Enjoy. They grow up fast.

  14. My favorite birthday memory would be having 2 of my boys on my birthday ! Even though most of the day wasn’t very pleasant for me ,it ended with me holding and looking in the eyes of angels ,what could be a better birthday present

  15. something that ive learned would be Twitch .. i’ve never heard of it before coming to your blog lol im a little old/outdated lol

  16. Another birthday memory I have was when I got my first Cabbage Patch Kid. Growing up with 6 other siblings, you didn’t always get what you wanted. I still have my CPK from the 80’s.

  17. My first birthday I had with both kids was my favorite, it was a day about not just me but how I was a mommy of two as well 🙂

  18. My favorite Birthday memory is when I got a baby doll that cries and talks and has to have her diaper change. I loved the doll

  19. That you adopted your daughter when she was 2 years old and today she is 6. That you have posted pictures of her on your blog from the time you adopted her until today, once per year. That she is blessing and a beautiful daughter. And there is more ……

  20. Wow I can say you have been through a lot with your grand daughter! I am sorry you and your daughter are estranged. I can’t imagine my life without my mother! She’s my best friend and I am truly sorry for your hardship. My kids love my mom and have a great bond with her and I am happy you have that bond too! Happy Birthday to her!!!

  21. Something I’ve learned about you from reading your blog is that life has thrown you some curveballs in the last 6 years. I imagine that some are painful and others are a joy to you, like your granddaughter!

  22. one of my favorite birthday memories is from last year when my husband and daughter took me to paris! … sort of, we were living in vegas at the time and we were able to go eat at the top of the replica Eiffel Tower casino. it was awesome!

  23. My favorite memory is the year before my Dad passed. He would never write in r cards I guess cause my mom always did but, that year he wrote a little something and signed his name

  24. I’ve learned that you really love your family! I’ve also really enjoyed going out to eat for dinner on my birthdays!

  25. My favorite birthday memory was when I was a little girl and got the talking Barbie phone that I have been wanting.

  26. My favorite birthday memory has to be when I was 10 and my parents threw me an amazing, huge party. So much fun with all my best friends.

  27. We didnt have big birthday parties when I was a kid, so a lot of the memories are when it was just a beautiful day since I was born in the spring and sometimes the flowers start coming out then,

  28. My favorite birthday memory was getting my first horse when I was 5, to this day horses are my biggest passion besides my 2 kids.

  29. I am in awe of childhood memories that you share. I have learned that you are very caring and awesome person. Thank you for being you.

  30. one of my favorite birthday memories not of my birthday but of my daughter’s first birthday! it was such a happy day!

  31. My fav. birthday moment was my daughters first b-day. she tried to eat pieces of the cake and it was just smushed all over her face lol

  32. one of my favorite birthday memories is from college when everyone threw me a huge party for my 21st! it was epic.

  33. My all time favorite birthday would be my 15th birthday. I was at a point in my life where I wanted to give up & was so depressed. I felt like no one cared! I slept most my day away & didn’t get no calls or anything wishing me a happy birthday. Not even from my best friends! About 4pm that day my best friend showed up and asked if I wanted to help house sit her parents house cause they were going out of town. Of course I said yes even though she didn’t even say Happy Birthday! I got my stuff & we went to her house. She told me to sit down while she ran to the garage to get the cans ready so she could turn them in to put gas in. Then she came back in and said can you help me? Of course I said yes! I walked into the garage & the light came on and a ton of people yelled Happy Birthday! They had decorations a birthday cake, tons of food & all my friends & some family were there. I was shocked & felt stupid for feeling like no one cared when in reality a lot of people cared. From that day I learned that birthdays are not that important whats important is who is apart of my life.

  34. My birthday is in summer and no school. My Mom would throw me parties where everyone came!!! She always made the cake, took us swimming, bought water balloons and Kool Aid. great times!!

  35. I remember always wanting a store bought, bakery cake with all the frosting roses and was always so disappointed my mom made a homemade German chocolate cake every year instead. Now I know how awful those bakery cakes are and would pick a scratch German chocolate every time!

  36. I learned your grand daughter went over term, and she didnt get to the hospital until after an ambulance was called for your daughter but your grand daughter is doing great now.

  37. I learned that you are extremely lucky to still have a relationship with your granddaughter, since in situations such as you describe with an out-of-family adoption, the biological family can often be totally left out.

  38. I can’t really say that any birthday memory sticks out as a favorite–of course I don’t remember anything really bad either!

  39. My best Birthday was when I was 8 years old and had over 50 kids show up! As my parents said I could invite whoever I wanted so I did..LOL

  40. First time visiting your blog. I learned your grand- daughter has been adopted by a non-relative. What a blessing you can have weekly visits!

  41. Fond birthday memory, I was in college and my mom & I visited my brother in his college town. We stayed the night in a hotel (free through a friend connection at the time) and had a lovely dinner at the historic restaurant Golden Lamb.

  42. My favorite birthday memory was having a slumber party at our beach cabin, My mom had us do a scavenger hunt on the beach and it was also the year she let me get my ears pierced.

  43. One of the birthday memories i have is surprising my mom on a visit. we dont live close so it was a total surprise that me and my kids and wife came down

  44. i cant imagine not having my mom in my life!! my parents both of them are fabulous i was very lucky!! even though they divorced!! they were great parents!!

  45. One of my favorite birthday memories was when my family gathered for a birthday dinner at a local Mexican food restaurant. At the end of the meal were pictures wearing a giant sombrero and fried ice cream nachos!

  46. When i came home a couple years ago from a rough day with my mom at the hospital and i came home to dinner being made by my husband and 2 daughters. they also bought me gifts! it was special!

  47. I learned that you are a grandmother who cares a great deal. That even though she was adopted you are still a doting grandmother who is also very proud of your adorable granddaughter. I also learned that going past a due date can have complications, I was unaware of that.

  48. I learned that you are good friends with your grand daughter’s Mom and you see her once a week I think it is nice she is able to see you and how nice it is you and her Mother are working together for her.

  49. My favorite birthday memory is my mom throwing me great parties at home, complete with pin the tail on the donkey and home-baked cakes!

  50. I learned that despite the estrangement between you and your daughter, you have a wonderful bond with your granddaughter and her adopted mother.

  51. My favorite birthday memory was my 21st birthday. I had the mother of all parties, and then it was over it has been working and career ever since.

  52. My family had a 50TH birthday party for me. That is the first time I really ever had a birthday party for family and friends.

  53. My 13th birthday is always one I remember because my parents got me a limo and my friends and I cruised around! I’m looking forward to doing the same for my daughter in 2 years!!

  54. I learned that you are a wonderful person for staying close to your grand baby! My most memorable birthday would have to be my 6th birthday. I couldn’t believe I would be celebrating that day EVERY year!

  55. Something I have learned about you by reading your blog is what an amazing, intelligent and funny individual your granddaughter is. You are doing such a fantastic job helping raising her!

  56. My favorite birthday memory is when my whole family got together to help me celebrate my 34th birthday at a local Red Lobster. It is my favorite birthday memory because it was one of the last birthdays I celebrated that my late father was around for, so getting to celebrate that particular birthday of mine with him made it that much more special.

  57. What I learned about you while reading your blog is you have a impressive Bucket list and one item on your Bucket List is going to Maui.

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