Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks

Last night I went to the movies at the Galaxy Theater in Riverbank, CA. It was a rare occasion that Bart and I did not agree on a movie. We ended up seeing different movies. He saw Hidden Figures and was quite pleased with it. I saw a Nickelodeon film, Monster Trucks. It stared Rob Lowe as a bad guy and Danny Glover as a paraplegic.

It was a great coming of age type of movie. I saw similarities to Free Willy, ET and Gremlins.

You have the hard working teenage son of a single mom. His mom is dating the sheriff who is a jerk. He hasn’t seen his dad in years. He dreams of having his own car. The school jock makes sure he knows how awesome the jock is.

You had a strange creature that scientist are trying to get their hands on. If you feed the creature wrong, he misbehaves. The creature just wants to go home to be with his family. When he returns to his family you discover he is part of a POD with hundreds of similar creatures waiting for his return.

The young man reunites with his father, only to have his father immediately betray his trust.

The young man finds that his mom’s boyfriend isn’t such a bad guy. He gets a girl. Remember the Jock? The good kid got to reposes the jock’s prized possession. Ultimately, he reunites the creature with it’s POD.

I found the movie quite timely as it involves oil drilling, North Dakota, and trying to get to oil under a body of water. The writers may have already known about the Dakota Pipeline at the time they wrote the move. There is no way they could have known about the protests over the past few months.

Monster TrucksI loved the movie. It was fun. It was silly. The good kid won.

I am losing my loyalty to the Galaxy theaters. If you recall my post about Moana I mentioned being the only person in the theater yet there were cups and food all over the place. Well it happened again. What is frustrating to me is you choose your seats before the show. I was again lucky that my seat was not one of the dirty ones. I am also unimpressed by the fact that they know exactly which seats were used. They know exactly where to clean. Yet it seems that it is too much for them. When I saw Moana, I stopped to talk to the manager on duty as I left. This time I didn’t bother. I don’t see the point.

The second thing that was less then ideal was the curtains. The curtains are adjustable so you can have both standard or wide screen movies. The curtains moved in on both sides after the previews. This movie did not need the curtains moved in. In fact, on both sides of the movie screen, the picture was muted by the dark curtain which the outer few feet on each side was projected on to.





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