post it notes cars

Post It Notes Cars?

Post It Note Cars?

Being as we are BECOMING 7, we had to celebrate April Fools day in style.  This year facebook inspired us with a car covered in Post It Notes.

post it notes cars

First item on the list is to always celebrate our anniversary. Yes, we got married on April Fools day in 2008. After work on Sunday, we went to Dinner at Olive Garden in Modesto. I wasn’t planning on mentioning Olive Garden, BUT Jamie made us a special desert to celebrate!

post it notes cars

After a wonderful dinner, we headed to Wal Mart to buy supplies. We were impressed that Wal Mart had Post It Notes on Clearance! Packs of 1200 for $1.87 so we bought 2 and were on our way.

The victim (Bart’s friend) is a retired law enforcement officer. Last year, we treated him to waking up on April Fools day to his car being Saran Wrapped. Unfortunately, being the manly man he is, he used a box cutter and with one effort most of it was off.

This year, we waited until late at night on April 1st. He most likely thought he escaped us this time around. We started before midnight so it was STILL April Fools Day in our book.

post it notes cars

He lives in a neighborhood with several other law enforcement officers, so we knew we had to have a plan of attack.

Our first target was anything that would get him stopped if he didn’t have it removed. Lights, windows, side view mirrors, and license plates.

When we first started, there were kids down the street skateboarding. shhhh don’t tell em what we are doing!

post it notes cars

Next up was  anything with a logo. He loves his truck, so the brand was covered in pink! We also did the door handles and the gas tank door for good measure.

A neighbor across the street turned on her light. Came outside and went into her car. Got something out and then went back inside.

Whew!!! we got past that one.

post it notes cars

I had fun doing the tires while Bart added some racing stripes on the back.

When Bart was in the bed of the truck to do the back window, a car drove by. OMG, I so thought we were busted. They didn’t turn around.

post it notes cars

We were trying so hard to be quiet. You know how law enforcement people are with dogs. They don’t have yippie yorkies. One German Sheppard started barking and then it was on. Before you knew it, it sounded like about 20 different large dogs barking.

At that point, we knew it was time to get out of dodge. We hadn’t even opened the second package of Post It Notes yet!

This morning, our victim exited his house through his garage and was promptly greeted by a neon pink windshield.

post it notes cars

Because he got out of the saran wrap so easy last year, the majority of the post it notes don’t touch!!!! so you couldn’t pull them off in a long string.

He called busting up laughing and wanted to know how long it took us so he could get an idea of how long cleaning it up would take. He told us his neighbors were laughing and asking him who did it. He told them about his buddy who got married on April Fools Day. He also told them about last years saran wrap job.

We didn’t complete our mission, but we definitely had a good time.


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