boss baby

Boss Baby Imaginary Adventures of a 7 year-olds mind

Boss Baby

The Boss Baby is perfect for 7’s! Timmy the main character is even 7.  On a Friday afternoon, Bart and I took our granddaughter to the Galaxy Theater in Riverbank to see The Boss Baby.

I shouldn’t have to say this, but until the Dreamworks logo comes up after all the credits, the movie isn’t over. I am always saying stay after ALL the credits. At our viewing, it was a sold out theater. We were the only ones in the theater when it was really over. There was a break in the credits with some animation and then after the final credits there was another animation.

boss baby

The three of us had been planning this outing for awhile. Her mom preferred to go to Brenden Theatre to see Beauty and the Beast.

When we go to the Galaxy, we always check to see what is in the selfie booth. It is a free booth that you can take photos of yourself in scenes of various movies.

boss baby

Bart thinks his profile looks a lot like the Boss Baby. Especially their hairlines.

boss baby

All the trailers and movie clips in the world could not explain the Boss Baby. Maybe that’s how they wanted it.  My grand daughter simply thought it was a fun and silly movie.

Bart didn’t get the story line, but he liked the animation and thought it was funny.

boss baby

Once we dropped our granddaughter off at her house, I explained the movie to Bart and he was like, OHHHHHH

The story features 7 year old Timothy. He is an adventurous boy with a very creative imagination. Timothy’s mother is pregnant. As he drifts to sleep one night, his dad asks if he wants a baby brother. Timothy falls asleep thinking about where do babies come from.

The movie was a DREAM of a 7 year old boy.

At the end of the movie, he wakes up and his new brother arrives. The baby brother looks like the Boss Baby without the suit.

In my granddaughter’s review, she said her favorite part was when he gets his brother again and it’s the same one.

When I explained it to Bart it lead to discussions about Dallas and Roseann.

We loved the movie! Our granddaughter wants to see it again. When it was over she HAD to make a new selfie to tell the Boss Baby that SHE is the real Boss Baby.

boss baby


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