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Michelle NO MIDDLE NAME Jacobsen

As a child I would say my name was Mikki Michelle Jean James Dorman. Basically my nickname, given name, my parents name and my surname. I have no idea why but that was the answer I gave.

Lives in Modesto, CA

Important people to Michelle:

Name: Michelle (myself 1972 f) Bart (husband 1970 m)Bebita (chihuahua / Yorkshire terrier mix) Charlie (Bichon Frise) Lucky Louie (cat) Lilly (cat) Mr Brown (cat) Biggs (cat) (The cats are all outdoor cats due to my husbands allergies.)


Our children are grown on on their own. This is our second marriage for both of us. We got married on April 1, 2008!  Between us, we have 2 daughters (1989,1990) an two sons (1990, 1993), 2 granddaughters (2011,2014), and 1 grandson (2011).

I grew up in a family consisting of my mom (1946) dad (1944) sister (1969) My dad served in the Navy for 22 years and retired when I was 10 (1982). We never did stop moving though. I have no nieces or nephews.

Hubby grew up in Spokane, WA with his mom until he as a teenager. Then he moved to California with his dad (1948), step-mom (1943), 2 step-brothers (1971, 1972), and step-sister (1973). He has no nieces or nephews.

Hobbies: I like geocaching. I generally only do 1/1 cache’s. I also do wheresgeorge, hiking, blogging, painted rocks, filling little free libraries, etc.

Favorite color: red

Something you miss from your childhood: swinging, running, playing sports

Favorite Book: love books by Thom Racina and Phyllis A Whitney.

Favorite TV show: House, Monk, Psych, Chuck, Sienfeld, Leverage, Equalizer


Movie: Generally I watch family and romantic comedy movies. I have a lot of nightmares from even mildly scary stuff. (I have Dish, but I generally just stream from Amazon, Netflix, and Crackle for TV and movies)

Allergies: I have none,   husband is allergic to nuts, wheat, corn, dairy, asparagus, hops, and cats.  It doesn’t stop me from enjoying those items though.

Favorite Store: Neiman Marcus but they left my budget a few years ago

T-shirt size: 4 xl

I can never have enough diet dr pepper and chocolate with peanut butter mixed

Favorite Restaurants: outback, johnny carino’s, olive garden, applebees, in n out

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Do you own an e-book reader? my iphone6S has a kindle app and I have a few books on there

When I’m not working I’m: playing on the laptop

When I am working I’m: a CA State Licensed and PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician

I make these things myself: I rarely make anything anymore. I used to enjoy boxed arts and crafts projects.

I’ve always wanted to: go to Victoria Falls but I don’t have a passport nor do I plan on exiting US soil

You can find these things around my place: pictures of grown kids, pictures of our grandkids, grandma’s toybox, photobooks made on Shutterfly, Snapfish, and the like, books, dvds, clocks

The book I read last was: a book on dog friendly places in CA and a book on dog friendly places in San Francisco

If I’m alone somewhere, trying to pass time, I usually: playing on my iphone, reading, clipping coupons, entering sweepstakes

My favorite thing to wear when it’s warm out is: shorts and a t-shirt and when it’s cold: jeans and a t-shirt

The feeling of being free is the best feeling in the world.

If my life had a soundtrack, this would be the single: In my Dreams by Dokken

I get nostalgic by: things from the 80’s

If I was a character in a TV show I’d be: monk!

My favorite charity is: JoyJars. They give jars with treasures to chronically ill kids. It was started by a 12 year old with terminal brain cancer.

This is what I spend money on, when I’m spending it on myself:  stuff for the grandkids, gas to go on car rides

My latest impulse buy was: a new pair of Saucony shoes

I collect: books, notebooks, jello (don’t ask, I buy more of it then I can eat)

Type Of Jewelry: tanzanite husband has bought me a necklace, ring, and earrings… next up tennis bracelet and anklet

Scent: on myself La Priaire Midnight Rain, on my husband Tom Ford Black Orchid

Flavor: chocolate

Subject From School: theatre

Day Of The Week: any day I am off

Time Of Day: midnight to 4 am

Month: June

Holidays: Christmas

Season: summer

Song: in my dreams by Dokken

Male Band/Singer: Geoff Tate of Queensryche, Jesse Hughes Eagles of Death Metal, Josh Homme Queens of the Stone Age, Don Dokken from Dokken

Female Band/Singer: Lita Ford

Actor: Dennis Quaid, Robert Redford, Marco

Actress: Michelle Phiffer

TV Channels: tru tv, a&e, History, Family, Disney, etc

Nighttime Activity (Before Going To Sleep): watching tv

Morning Activity (To Wake You Up):snuggle time

TV Character: Lassiter on psych

Piece Of Technology: iphone

Cookie: nutter butter

Dessert: Nestle Drumstick

Meat: rib eye

Fruit: watermelon

Veggie: green bean

Websites To Buy From: ebay, amazon

Childhood Toy: Milky the cow

Video Games: slot games. We don’t have a gaming system. I did see a cool nostalgic atari game that has like all the games built into one box.

Sport: baseball

Sports Teams: Oakland Athletics, Pittsburgh Steelers, Hubby is a Raiders fan, Golden State Warriors

Cake: chocolate chocolate chip from

Pie: apple or cherry

Thing To Do Alone: nappy time

Person To Be With: my husband

Thing In Your Room: shelf on top of dresser with wedding and honeymoon momentos

Picture On Computer: picture of sunset at Yosemite National Park

Makeup Product: don’t wear any

Hair Product: tresamee

Birthday: March 21

Birthplace: San Pedro, CA was a Navy brat so have lived in CA, WA, HI, SD, AL, NM, NV

Current Location: Central Valley, CA

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Height: 4’11”

Right Handed or Left Handed: right

Your Heritage: 1/2 portugese, 1/2 german, irish, norwegian

The Shoes You Wore Today: Saucony.

Your Weakness: big strong arms

Your Fears: losing my mom she has had several strokes over the years

Your Perfect Pizza: meat lovers

Goal You Would Like To Achieve This Year: laugh more

Thoughts First Waking Up: No

Your Best Physical Feature: my $3,000 smile, but hubby says my eyes

Do you Smoke: no,, hubby smokes Marlboro Gold

Do you Sing: sometimes but not in tune

Do you want to go to College: I have gone to technical school

Do you belive in yourself: yes

Do you get Motion Sickness: no

Do you think you are Attractive: average

Are you a Health Freak: no

Do you like Thunderstorms: I love the sound of rain

Do you play an Instrument: used to play violin when I was a kid

What do you want to be when you Grow Up: I want to be 7 again. As a kid I wanted to be an astronaut until Challenger blew up. Then I wanted to be an actress and later a writer.

I do save/use codes: coke codes to pay for Pogo, magazines and stuff, Stouffers and Kelloggs to get random stuff, I use Slurpee codes to get Redbox free rentals, and I donate box tops for education to  the grandchildren’s schools. It is amazing what all you can do with codes and reward programs

If hubby and I were just having an epic adventure together, and I could be as over the top as possible, I would love to do a staycation in the Tahoe suite at the  Nugget Casino Resort in Reno or A Sienna Suite in the Tuscan tower at the Peppermill in Reno or even a Luxury suite in the Peppermill Tower at the Peppermill in Reno. We lived in Reno for 5 years and so miss it. We have stayed in many rooms at those two hotels over the years.



dedicated to the 7 year old in all of us

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