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Painting Ceramics

A week or two ago, I was invited on a road trip to Tehacahpi

by my granddaughter and her mom. It was a one day trip, with a quick turnaround. Quick or not, we had the time of our lives!

painting ceramics

We ate at Denny’s! She loved the Cupcake Pancakes! She choose a Trolls cup and I choose a How to Train Your Dragon cup. We donned our headbands and played games while waiting to eat.  We did the play sheets on the menu. We did the claw machine. It was set up where you could play to try or play to buy your toy. The play to buy ended up letting us win 2 large toys a Pluto dog and a Trolls doll. The machine was also set up that every play was a winner. So she won a ton of balls, tops, whistles, etc.

painting ceramics

We swam in the pool and hot tub at the Holiday Inn Express.

Image result for tehachapi holiday inn express

Back at the room, she claimed the chaise lounge and side table as hers! It was so sweet.

I pulled out some surprises for us. We did a box opening video of the Barbie Club Chelsea Camping Set. In the video she counts to 10 in 3 languages. Wow… 6 years old… amazing….

Then I took out the ceramics!

When I think of being little and things that brought me joy, I loved to do arts and crafts. I really enjoyed it a lot until I had a teacher give me a U in art. If I am creating what I see, how is it unsatisfactory? It really hurt me and damaged my self-esteem.

I recently stepped out of my comfort zone and participated in the Reddit Gifts art supplies exchange. In talking with my secret santa, I explained that I liked painting ceramics and trinkets. I also explained my mental blocks.

painting ceramics

My santa was awesome and sent me two packages, 1 with a set of 24 acrylic paints and one with 5 ceramic flowers and a paint brush.

painting ceramics

I took the supplies with me on a road trip. My granddaughter and I were hunkered down in a hotel room, so I pulled out the surprise.

Because we weren’t home, we had to improvise a little. We used multiple layers of Kleenex in stead of newspaper to protect the desk. We used a plastic cup as a water dish to rinse our paint brush. A paper plate made a perfect pallete.

I painted my flower first. I was adorned with things like “that is so beautiful”, “you are an artist”, “you should go to the artist place”. I can not tell you how much joy that brought me.

painting ceramics

My granddaughter ended up painting 3.

A pretty purple one for her mom.

painting ceramics

A rainbow flower for herself.

painting ceramics

For grandpa’s birthday she painted a blue one.

painting ceramics

Now, we just need to find somewhere to get them fired.