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ride a unicycle

Ride a Unicycle?

If there is one thing that becoming 7 has done to me, it has opened up my sense of adventure. As you read in my post about Sequoia National Park, I have started saying, I HAVE TO DO┬áTHIS! Those were the words that came out of my mouth when Bart’s friend John told him on the phone, “I found an old unicycle in the garage.” They both thought I was joking when I said I wanted to try and ride a unicycle.

ride a unicycle

We took a quick ride over to his buddy’s house to check out the unicycle. I truly did try but I had a slight problem. I am 4’11”. This unicycle is for a taller person. Really? a unicycle needs to be the right size? what the heck?

ride a unicycle

We did try to lower the seat for me, but it didn’t work. The seat post comes out the bottom of the tube. To get the seat low enough, the seat post was pressing the tire. Nope, it wasn’t in the cards for me.

ride a unicycle

I was kind of bummed. I had got excited about a new challenge. I googled how to ride a unicycle and was pretty sure I could pull it off with some help.

What happened next surprised me! Bart decided to give it a try! John wanted him to wear a helmet, but he didn’t listen. He also continued smoking his Marlboro Gold. I guess when we were kids, our parents didn’t put their cigarettes down either.

ride a unicycle

Bart did manage to get up on the unicycle. He was able to move it slightly while holding the roof of our car.

When he got down, he was talking about how it was a lot more difficult then he imagined. He said you are trying to balance in several different directions.

My verdict is, I NEED A UNICYCLE FOR A SHORT PERSON!!!! I am thinking it would be fun to conquer and a great ab work out.

I just did a quick check and based on our inseams I should be on a 16 inch and Bart on a 24 inch. Um yeah, that is why I couldn’t even get my feet to the pedals if the seat was where it belongs.


Have any of the 7’s rode a unicycle?