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Losing 2 teeth in 3 days is the best thing ever

Losing 2 teeth in 3 days is the best thing ever

In my journey of to rediscover the joys of childhood, at times my grand daughter joins in on my adventures.  When someone is a baby, we celebrate milestones like getting new teeth.  After the first few it is no longer a big deal. But for that first tooth, everyone who loves the child is running around saying, “look, she cut a tooth!”


A few teeth later, and we forget all about the excitement of new teeth. Then one day, something happens. Someone notices the child around the age of 6 or 7 playing with a tooth. They have a wiggler.

To both the child and the grown ups around them it is very symbolic. Once that first tooth comes out, they are no longer a baby. They are now verified big kids.


For weeks she played with that wiggler. I know I offered to pull it out for her, but she insisted it would come out on its own when it was ready.

I am not sure of the details, but I think she let her aunt pull it out. She was beyond excited. She said it happened so fast. She claims it didn’t hurt. It was like snapping your fingers.

She was so excited and telling everyone! Most importantly, the tooth fairy was going to come and bring her MONEY!


She woke up and immediately checked under her pillow. She found a $5 bill covered in fairy dust!!!!

The next day, or what was now day 3, I had a voicemail on my phone while I was working. She was eating  Cheetos and it felt weird. She took it out of her mouth, and there was her second wiggler!

I am not sure if she was more exited that she lost a second tooth or that she was getting more money from the tooth fairy. fairy

She stopped by my work to show me her new opening. Talk about being excited, she was the worlds happiest child as her little tongue slid through the gap from missing teeth.

Do you remember losing your fist tooth?